Review of American Hybrid Water Heater

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American hybrid water heater is the perfect solution for the homeowners who would like to take the advantage of the tankless on demand water heating, quick recovery and fast hot water delivery.

american hybrid water heater gh-90n

The American water heater group offers only one hybrid model, GH-90N, gas powered and power-vented, indoor unit.

The hybrid technology combines the best from the tankless and tank-type water heating, which results in better performance, comfort and economy.

This way, you will have on demand water heating, fast hot water delivery and quicker recovery than conventional 50-gallon models. Thanks to the tankless technology and modulating gas valve, the water heater will produce hot water at the steady temperature.

The hybrid technology allows you comfortable use even when there is a call from several hot water taps and since the unit has great recovery, there are no problems in supply of hot water, especially after long draws. The water heater uses the water circulation pump to push water through the unit at the rate which ensures ideal recovery time and maximum heat output.


Special design

The American hybrid water heater is also condensing. It has two heat exchangers, one where water is heated by the main burner and second, which is used to pre-heat the incoming cold water. It uses the latent heat from the flue gases, which results in cooler exhaust gases and higher energy efficiency, which can go above 90%.

Most of the time tankless water heaters are having problems with the minimum required water flow. Here, this problem was solved by adding the small buffer tank. This way, "cold-water sandwiches" are eliminated, so your showers are more pleasant.

This unit is smaller than the conventional 50-gallon water heater, but its patented water flow circulation provides almost double hot water delivery, making it perfect for peak demand.


Installation of the American hybrid water heater is as simple as the conventional type and cheaper as the standard tankless water heaters. The vent pipe is not exposed to high temperatures, so cheaper vents can be used (such as PVC), either vertical or horizontal and with the lengths of up to 100 ft.

The water and gas lines are similar to conventional type and as found in most today's homes.


This gas water heater is convenient to use since the temperature controller is factory built-in. The controller is found in the front upper part of the heater, and it allows you convenient temperature and mode change and monitoring. The LED display also comes very handy if there is a problem with the water heater, as it displays the error code.

There are three operating modes: Energy Saver, Vacation and Boost, where Vacation with the constant temperature of 90 F is meant for the periods of absence. Boost mode, with its maximum temperature of 158 F allows quick heating, while the Energy Saver provides economical water heating.


  • Recovery rate - 121 gallons

  • First Hour delivery - 189 gallons

  • Gas input - 100,000 Btu

  • Maximum temperature - 160 F

  • Warranty - 6 years

  • 2" or 3" vent pipe

  • 1/2" gas line
  • 6-year warranty

The American hybrid water heater is the safe unit. It is designed for the whole-house water heating in medium and large homes. There are several safety features which protect the water heater from the excessive water temperature, high temperature of the exhaust gases and inside the combustion chamber. Another safety element has been added to control panel, so the temperature set-point and operating modes cannot be changed.

(Photo credit to American Co)

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