American Standard Water Heaters

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American Standard water heaters from electric series is the most versatile group of heating units from American water heating company, designed to provide sufficient hot water from smaller to larger residential homes.

american standard water heaters

Most of the Standard electric water heaters are standard in height (around 59") and the American heating company produces tanks from the smallest 30-gallon size to the largest models with the capacity of 119 gallons.

When selecting one of the electric American Standard water heaters, it is good to know that three different warranties are available for you; 6, 9 and 12 years on component parts and for metal tank against leaking.

Standard series and top features

In this article we will review all the American Standard water heaters, electric models, their common features, pros and cons:


Below are the common features you can find on all electric type American Standard water heaters. As you will see, the main difference among them is the quality of the parts used in certain models, and that is the main cause why some units are with longer and other with shorter warranty and longevity.

  • Dual heating elements used for water heating are screw-in type and directly immersed. Electric heating elements are available in different wattages and voltages. Standard size is 4500W and 240V. All American water heaters from Standard electric series are wired for non-simultaneous heating element operation.

  • Standard electric water heaters have the tough and thick Fused Ceramic Shield lining on the inner tank surface to protect the metal tank from the aggressive water action and corrosion for years.

  • Another component used to protect the metal tank from rust is the heavy-duty anode rod.

  • TPR valve is factory installed and is located on the side of the tank. For all models top T&P opening is also available except for 119-gallon model.

  • High limit control thermostat for overheat protection.

  • 150 PSI is working pressure.

  • Non-CFC Polyurethane foam insulation is used to reduce standby heat loss by keeping the heat inside the water heater longer.

  • All the water connections are using the standard 3/4" fitting size.

30-gallon models

30-gallon tank, E62-30H-045DV is the smallest American electric water heater from the Standard series, which is used for residential water heating, for houses with a low hot water demand. For this model, American manufacturer offers only one 6-year limited warranty on component parts and the tank.

Energy efficiency is high 0.93 and recovery is standard 20.7 gallons per hour with a 90 F temperature rise. 30-gallon American Standard water heaters are equipped with two heating elements, made of copper and with the standard 4.5 kW/240V while other wattages and voltages are also available.

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40-gallon American Standard WH

If you are buying one of the 40-gallon American hot water heaters, electric units from Standard series, keep in mind that you will have an option to choose between three different warranties. They are slightly different in design, while recovery rate of 20.7 gallons per hour and EF of 0.92 is the same for all models. It is interesting to see that even with the different foam insulation, American water heating manufacturer is able to keep the energy efficiency high enough, 0.92 for all models.

Models E62-40R-045DV and E62-40H-045DV are Standard electric water heaters with a 6-year limited warranty that American heating company offers for its component parts and the steel tank. E62-40R-045DV is wider but shorter model with approximately 47" in height vs. 59" for the taller unit.

American hot water heaters E92-40R-045DV and E92-40H-045DV come with the 9-year limited warranty and the improved design. What is different is patented LimeFighter dip tube which reduces the lime buildup and extends the longevity of the heater, reducing the service, while keeping the performance and efficiency up. These Standard electric models are the same in height, weight, energy efficiency and recovery rate as the models offered with the 6-year warranty.

Another element that is different from standard equipment, the American company is using, is the durable Incoloy heating element with the stainless steel sheathed, used in the lower section of the tank, while the upper is still made of copper.

American water heater with the 12-year limited warranty, E123-40R-045DHV and E123-40H-045DV models come with the same component parts as the above heater with the 9-year warranty, but with the improved 3" thick foam insulation, to keep the heat energy longer inside the tank while reducing the standby heat loss. These electric models also use dual stainless steel heating elements, to extend the life of the most affected parts even more. These models are wider and heavier, but with the same height.

50-gallon models

American manufacturer offers a 50-gallon Standard electric water heaters, as the standard and most used tank size, with three different warranties; 6, 9 and 12-year that covers component parts and the metal tank from leaking. All the models are with the recovery rate of 20.7 gallons per hour with the 90 F temperature rise.

Four models with the 6-year warranty are available, E61-50R-045DV with the EF 0.90, E62-50H-045DV with the EF 0.91, E63-50R-045DCV and E63-50H-045DOV with the EF 0.93. E63-50R-045DCV model with the 24" in diameter and approximately 47" in height is the heaviest, but the shortest unit of the upper 50-gallon Standard electric water heaters.

50-gallon American hot water heater models with the 9-year warranty, E92-50R-045DV and E92-50H-045DV also have a better quality of the lower heating element, 2" inch thick foam insulation and the patented LimeFighter Standard self-cleaning diffuser dip tube. Energy factor on both models is 0.91. E92-50R-045DV is the shortest unit of all 50-gallon American electric water heaters.

12-year warranty models, E123-50R-045DCV and E123-50H-045DOV are coming with the stainless steel sheath on both electric heating elements, sediment buildup protection system and its patented LimeFighter self-cleaning diffuser dip tube and 3" thick foam for better heat insulation.

65-gallon WH

65-gallon American Standard water heater group offers three types of limited warranties; 6, 9 and 12 years, and all of them with 20.7 recovery rate, 0.90 energy factor for E62-65H-045DV and E92-65H-045DV or 0.91 for E123-65H-045DCV.

As the previous models, 65-gallon water heater for its 9 and 12-year warranty provides better quality of its heating elements, thicker foam insulation and the self cleaning systems with the LimeFighter dip tube.

80-gallon WH

E62-80H-045DV, E92-80H-045DV and E123-80H-045DCV are models offered by American water heater company with 6, 9 and 12 year limited warranty. First two models are with the EF of 0.90 and the third one is 0.91, but as previous groups has better quality of some components.

119-gallon WH

Only one model from American Standard water heaters series is offered with the 119 gallon tank size, E62-119R-045DV but has the lowest energy factor of 0.83.

As you can see from previous reviews, there are many American Standard water heaters available for you to buy, you just have to decide what is the size you will need, first hour delivery to support the demand of your family and the warranty you are looking for.

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