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AO Smith 50 gal gas water heater

by AJ

My current AO Smith water heater has failed - it sent a shower of water into my garage this morning. It was installed on 1/20/2014, and failed on 7/19/2016, so it lasted 2 1/2 years.

My previous AO Smith water heater was installed on 03/12/2012, and failed on 01/20/2014, so it lasted less than 2 years. That failure cost me and my insurance company about $5000 for remediation of the water damage.

These units are supposed to last 5 to 10 years, so clearly they do not meet expectations. I suspect that my insurance company will insist on a like for like replacement so I will probably have to have another AO Smith heater. I am tempted to offer them money to provide me with something more reliable.
My advice is to never ever under any circumstances , buy an AO Smith water heater. They are absolute junk.

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