AO Smith Conservationist
Water Heater Review

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A review of the AO Smith Conservationist water heaters, designed for the high energy efficient water heating in residential applications. See how Conservationist models are perfect solution for the reliable and energy saving hot water production.

Features Review

AO Smith Conservationist is a series of the standard atmosperic vent units, equipped with 2 inches thick foam insulation, external heat traps and efficient combustion chamber, all working together for the enhanced performance and efficiency and lower the operating costs.


What is common for Conservationist series, is AO Smith patented technology; Blue Diamond that provides a high quality glass coating, with more than double protection resistance, when comparing to other hot water heater manufacturers.


AO Smith Conservationist features C3 technology, safety mechanism that protects your home from accidental or unintended ignition of flammable vapors like gasoline, outside the gas unit's combustion chamber. This is happening because of the specially design flame arrestor.

If for any reason there is a poor combustion, a device called TCO or thermal cuts-off element, shuts off gas flow to the gas burner and pilot light.


Green Choice gas burner is the eco friendly device that during the gas combustion helps water heater to reduce NOx emissions by 33%, when comparing to the standard burners.

Btu, FHR, EF

AO Smith Conservationist series comes with the two models available, 40 and 50 gallon capacity, both tall in size, with energy factor EF 0.62 and 0.63, gas input 40 000 BTU for natural gas and 36 000 and 37 000 BTU for LP; first-hour ratings are 70 and 88 gallons.

Patented cleaning system

ao smith water heater conservationist

Patented DynaClean II system, used for AO Smith hot water heaters, is the automatic cleaning system that is designed to reduce the sediment and lime buildup. Incoming cold water is directed by a dip tube, which is used to create the turbulence in the tank and reduce mineral sediments. This system helps in prolonging the tank life and keeps the hot water output consistent and maximized.

Note 1: Conservationist model is for residential water heating purposes only. Do not use it for manufactured, mobile housing; there are specially design models for that purpose.

Note 2: Comparing AO Smith gas Conservationist models with EF 0.62, to the electric model with EF 0.95, estimated savings on annual energy cost, for residential water heating using gas is 30%.

(Pictures are courtesy of AO Smith)