AO Smith Vertex Water Heater

Review of condensing Vertex models

AO Smith Vertex water heater is a state-of-the-art product, featuring a fully-condensing design with incredible 96% thermal efficiency. Vertex models are tank-type units using natural gas and propane, built for homes with high hot water demand due to its high capacity characteristics.

Models and Features

There are two models from Vertex series: GPHE 50 as the direct vent and GDHE 50 as the power vent model, both with a capacity of 50 gallons and used for residential applications.

Easy installation

AO Smith Vertex GPHE-50 and GDHE-50 are easy to install as their size is close to the size of a standard 50 gallon water heater, and installing requirements are similar to the units with a power vent and direct vent option.

High efficiency

What makes this Vertex model high efficiency is the outstanding heat transfer with specifically designed helical heat exchanger, located inside the tank, completely surrounded by water, providing higher contact surface than standard straight flue tubes.

This is what helps these water heaters to have 90% and 96% thermal efficiency saving you even more money than standard type Energy Star models.

Recirculation capability

Hot and cold re-circulating taps allows both models not only for water heating, but space heating and radiant floor heating and for systems that require a re-circulating hot water loop.

Quality glass lining

Commercial grade glass lining, PermaGlas Ultra Coat, protects not only the interior of the metal tank, but inside and outside of the heat exchanger.

Video about AO Smith Vertex features and benefits

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Power-Vent - Vertex GPHE-50 Review

ao smith vertex 50

Vertex is a 50-gallon power vent gas water heater with 90 % thermal efficiencyand since it provides over 3 gallons of hot water per minute it is ideal for long showers and tons of dishes.

AO Smith Vertex GPHE-50 is a power vent unit that is using PVC pipe for venting, through the outside wall and by combining vertical and horizontal option, it has potential lengths of 128 ft or 42 m.

Green Choice is the patented eco-friendly gas burner that produces less greenhouse gases than a standard gas burner. Gas input power is 76,000 BTU per hour and the first-hour delivery rate is great 127 gallons.

Intelli-Vent gas control system is equipped with a hot surface igniter, there is no standing pilot light, and advanced electronics allow precise hot water temperature control and system diagnostics, which is great for troubleshooting and repair.

User reviews. Based on the online reviews, users are pretty impressed with the Vertex GPHE-50. They say that the unit is performing great, heats the water fast, the energy efficiency is high and the operating cost are much lower; up to 30% when comparing to standard gas water heaters. They are pleased with the 30% tax rebate but not happy with the initial cost. Review are mixed when talking about the noise level.

Power Direct Vent - Vertex 100 GDHE-50 Review

ao smith water heater vertexAO Smith GDHE-50-NG Vertex 100 is designed as a condensing water heater and because of its great characteristics this 50-gallon model performs as the 75-gallon size atmospheric unit

AO Smith Vertex GDHE-50 is a power direct vent gas water heater with fabulous 96% thermal efficiency and great delivery rate of 4 gallons of hot water.

This water heating system allows up to 128 ft or 42 m venting, using PVC, ABS and CPVC pipes, vented either vertically through the roof, or horizontally through the wall. Concentric vent kit is also available (one pipe inside the other), where one pipe is used for air intake and the other for venting gases out.

In the front of the Vertex GDHE-50 you can see a large LCD display for temperature control and system diagnostics.

Its specially design eco friendly and low NOx gas burner, Green Choice, provides an amazing 100 000 BTU per hour and 164 gallons first hour delivery.

Since Vertex GDHE-50 is the condensing water heating unit a condensate is produced in the venting system, so the vent pipe should be sloped downward and away from the blower.

User reviews. Based on the online reviews AO Smith Vertex 100 or GDHE-50-NG is very powerful and reliable unit that definitely meets the expectations. Some users are using Vertex 100 for water heating only while other for both hot water and home heating, such as radiant floor heating. The installation is easy, and they say that controls and menu are user friendly. Also said that the energy bill is lower and that for some users it can pay of in a year.

Buying a Vertex

If planning to buy AO Smith Vertex, the price is higher than conventional type... it is around $1500, and the place to buy it is from Amazon.

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