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Bosch tankless water heater

by Thomas
(New York)

We are a mechanical contractor in business for 20 years. Installed a Bosch 635 ES back in 2005 in our own home. The heater has had a history of intermittent problems. Technical Support has been below par. Our local supplier stopped selling them, because they had many problems with them. I am trying to keep it brief so I won't go into the details, other than there were no installation mistakes.
Our unit is installed to every requirement in the Bosch manual.
We have installed over 60 Rinnai Tankless heaters in the past 5 years or so, and I can't remember when we had a problem with one of them.

Recently had another problem with the Bosch 635 ES unit shutting down. I discovered the exhaust collar is falling apart. When initially installed it looked poorly made, and left much to be desired, compared to all the other condensing appliances we have installed. The fitting does not make a good seal to separate the condensate and drain it to the 3/8 drain fittings. Consequently the acidic condensate has destroyed the fitting.

I am going to contact Bosch today. I am not looking forward to that experience, because it has been a run around in the past.

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