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Bosch water heater systems are well-known worldwide for its quality, reliable engineering and tankless technology, in residential and commercial water heating applications. The hot water group is part of the superb heating system within Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of gas and electrical heating products.

About Bosch

  • In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the "Workshops for Precision Engineering and Electrical Engineering" in Stuttgart, Germany.

  • In 1906 Bosch had established its first US subsidiary, and the Canadian office was opened in Montreal, in 1954.

  • Bosch Thermotechnik includes popular brands like Bosch, Buderus, and Junkers. Bosch tankless water heaters have been made for over 60 years.

Benefits for your home

bosch water heater

Bosch water heater, based on its specification, features and consumer reviews, offers many great benefits and innovative solutions that will improve the efficiency of your water heating system.

Bosch in North America is part of Energy Star and Energy Guide labeling program, whose focus is reducing the energy consumption, greenhouse emissions and protecting the environment.

As the result of its "green philosophy" every high efficient Bosch water heater uses an advanced green technology, so they consume less natural gas, propane gas or electricity, produce less NOx and CO2 greenhouse gases and have lower costs of water heating.

Major benefits:

  • Condensing technology for high efficient operation.

  • High water flow of 12.1 gallons per minute (model C 1210 ES).

  • Eco-friendly or "green" models.

  • Less energy used per unit.

  • Water and CO2 waste per unit is reduced.

  • Some models have the high temperature capability, they are able to heat water up to 184 F.

  • An average life expectancy is more than 20 years.

  • 15-year warranty on residential heat exchangers; 5 years on parts.

  • Energy savings up to 50%.

  • On demand and endless hot water supply.

  • Material used for packaging is reduced.

  • High percentage of reusable and recyclable materials are used.

As seen from the above, the major benefits have the protective and positive impact on nature and your budget, without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of any Bosch water heater.

Built as the tankless or mini tank units, they are small and lightweight, which makes them perfect for installation on the wall or under the sink. They are built with the capacity to satisfy any residential size home and with a great advantage; never run out of hot water.

Every Bosch tankless water heater is flexible in installation and can be installed during the home improvements when replacing the old unit or installed in a brand new house. Either way you go, and if you buy high efficient, Energy Star model, you will be eligible for the government tax credit, and other utility rebates.

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Great Selection of Bosch Water Heaters

There are several categories you can choose from, depending on the size, fuel type and technology they are using:

  • Bosch gas heaters (natural gas and propane, LP gas)

  • Bosch electric

  • Point-of-use or whole-house models

  • Tank or tankless


  • Bosch Aquastar models

  • Bosch Powerstar models

  • Bosch Ariston models

and the new addition:

  • Bosch Therm

  • Tronic

  • Compress the heat pump


Aquastar is the Bosch trade name for gas tankless water heaters. The thermal efficiency of Bosch Aquastar models ranges from 80 to 87% and energy factors from 0.69 to the high 0.86, where models with the energy factor equal or over 0.82 are Energy Star certified. The most popular models are coming from 2700ES and 2400ES series.


Bosch Powerstar models are built as the whole-house electric tankless water heaters, designed to replace a conventional storage tank unit, and point-of-use models for supplying one fixture only.

Point of use

Point-of-use heaters are small units, ideal for smaller homes, apartments, condos and are available as mini-storage tanks or a small tankless models. Bosch features two models: Ariston mini-tank and Powerstar tankless point-of-use water heaters.

Bosch Therm

Bosch Therm is the newest line of gas tankless water heaters that includes high efficient condensing models with the energy efficiency of up to 98% and non-condensing with the lower EF, but still Energy Star approved. They offer even more flexibility in installation, have a longer warranty and have a lower activation flow rate than the previous Aquastar models. Built as the outdoor or indoor models, and by using the Intelligent Cascading option they can be connected to up to 24-unit system.

Bosch Tronic

Tronic is the line of electric tankless water heaters divided into two groups, which are similar to the previous Powerstar models. Tronic 3000 series consists of models with the output power from 3.4 to 12 kW and used for the point-of-use applications, while models from Tronic 5000 series come with the power of 17.25 and 26.85 kW, designed for the whole-house applications. The tankless design allows the installation almost anywhere inside the home and operation with much less stand-by heat loss than the tank-type units. Read more...

Bosch Compress

Bosch water heater that combines electric water heating and heat pump technology is coming from the Compress series. The HP-200-1 model is the ultra efficient hybrid water heater that has as twice as the energy efficiency of the electric units and that results in energy savings of over 50%.

The price and where to buy

Ariston water heater is a mini tank, point of use unit price is in a range from $150 to $250, Powerstar point-of-use models are from $190 to $300, Powerstar whole house water heaters are from $450 to $750 and Aquastar gas tankless water heaters are from $350 to $1100.

For the accurate and up-to-date prices, we suggest you to contact a local dealer store or directly Bosch.

Bosch water heater systems are sold through the several authorized dealers (like CPO Bosch), but you can also find them online, through the Amazon store, Ebay, Google, Yahoo shopping.

If the above prices are not within your budget, you can purchase factory reconditioned tankless heaters, units that are like new, with great savings and with no risk.

All these units carry the same warranty as new models. As they are not sold directly by Bosch, you can purchase them through the authorized Bosch reconditioned product distributors.

For example: Powerstar point-of-use models can be purchased for a price that is in a range from $140 to $170, or Powerstar whole house heaters, reconditioned models, price range is from $280 to $450. The same kind of the deal is for Aquastar, much cheaper than new.

The installation and service of every Bosch water heater, should be done by a qualified and certified installer only.

Otherwise, you can experience frequent problems and spend time on troubleshooting and repair. If buying from the non-authorized store, check out are their installers qualified for Bosch water heater service.

Bosch is a great company that has over 100 years experience in water heating, of which 25 years in high efficient condensing heating only. Their water heaters cover different applications and support various systems such as residential, commercial water heating, recirculation system and solar.

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