Bradford White Electric
Water Heaters Review

Utility, Lowboy, Tabletop, Instantaneous models

Bradford White electric water heaters are used for water heating in areas where natural gas and propane are not available or more expensive. Electric models are cheaper, more reliable and easier to install, service, troubleshoot and maintentain. Plumbers love them.

An Overview

Features and Benefits

Most electric-powered Bradford White water heaters are using simple immersed screw-type copper heating elements, and based on the power needed and its design, one or two elements are used. Heating element on electric water heaters is usually providing 4.5 kW direct heat power and over 90% efficiency, while smaller models like Utility, PC and Wall Hung models are equipped with 1.5 kW elements.

To provide sufficient power, Bradford White hot water heaters are equipped to work in single phase or three phase operation modes and within voltage range from 120 V to 480 V.

Two heating elements and fully automatic surface-mount thermostat control allow Bradford White electric water heater to work in two modes: Simultaneous and Non-Simultaneous.

Simultaneous operation is when both elements are being heated at the same time or one heating element works at a time.

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Most Bradford White electric models are Energy Saver, thanks to the specially designed heat traps and 2" thick foam insulation for heat loss reduction. Bradford White water heaters are built to keep the efficiency and performance high. This is done through several patented systems.

Hydrojet Total Performance System is BW patented system that fights the sediment build-up in the tank and extending first-hour delivery. Dip tube as part of this system is designed to create the turbulent water and therefore reduce the mineral deposits.

Vitraglas lining is used to protect inner metal tank surface. Another element is added to fight corrosive aggressive hot water action; it is known as protective magnesium anode rod.

Bradford White M265R6DS is one of the Energy Saver models, equipped with the great features such as Hydrojet Total Performance System, Vitraglas lining, 2" insulation foam and fully automatic controls. This 65 gallon unit sells for approximately $1020.

Utility and Wall Hung models are designed with 1" thick foam insulation and without Hydrojet Total Performance System; Tabletop models are equipped with high density fiberglass insulation and glass lined tank.

There are two limited warranty options for Bradford White electric tank type models; one is standard 6 years and the other, extended, is 10 years, both warranties cover glass-lined tank. 6-year warranty is also provided for most of the component parts. Find Bradford White dealer for details about prices, installation, troubleshooting and warranty.

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Model reviews

Bradford White Corporation and its water heating devision carries a variety of electric water heaters for residential use. They are different in size, application and power they provide:

  • High Efficiency Energy Saver Upright

  • Solar Saver

See the prices here.

Upright Energy Saver

Upright Energy Saver series offers several models with a tank capacity from 30 to 119 gallons, including popular Bradford White 50 gal., providing enough hot water for residential use, from small, one bath to the several bath homes. These electric models are available as a single heating element units or double, with more power.

These units are also designed as high efficiency models, known as the High Efficiency Energy Saver Upright series, and are perfect in the long term, providing a low cost operation. They can be found from 40 to 80 gallon tank sizes.


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HE Spec Sheet

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Lowboy Energy Saver

Bradford White Lowboy Energy Saver electric water heaters are built for customers who need flexibility during installation, due to lack of space. With its 34" in height, Lowboy units are ideal for closets and under the counter. Smallest unit features 19 gallon tank size, while the largest 47.

Bradford White M250L6DS with the tank of close to 50 gallons is the largest model in the Lowboy series, and with 34" in height is ideal for small and tight space. You can buy one for approximately $580, still with the great features like Hydrojet Total Performance System, Vitraglas lining, 2" insulation foam and fully automatic controls.


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Utility Energy Saver

Bradford White Utility Energy Saver water heaters are available in sizes from 6 to 30 gallons and are recommended for small to medium applications and hot water demand. If you are looking for smaller water heaters and low hot water demand, use 6-gallon Bradford White M16U6SS model.


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Tabletop Energy Saver model is 38 gallon capacity electric water heater that is designed to match other home appliances. Because of its 24x25x36" size it is usually installed next to the washer or dryer providing addition counter space and perfect match. Tabletop models are discontinued.


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Wall Hung Energy Saver

Wall Hung Energy Saver electric hot water heaters are also designed as Tabletop to save some space and for homes where there is no basement or installation options are limited. There are 5 available models ranging from 6 to 30 gallons.


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PC Powerful Compact

PC Powerful Compact is 2-gallon tank type electric water heater, small and perfect for small hot water demand, distant point of use applications; like kitchen, bathroom or garage, under the sink or in tight space.


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Kwickshot Bradford White water heaters are electric, tankless and instantaneous appliances, usually installed at the point of use.

There are several models available:

  • Single point (single phase) electric units - 3 to 5.5 kW (120-240 V)

  • Thermostatic - 7.5 and 9.5 kW (240 V)

  • Flow controlled - 5.5 to 9.5 kW (208-240 V)

  • Series Two - Thermostatic - 19 kW and 240 V

  • Series Three - 28 kW and 240 V

  • Series Four - 38 kW and 240 V

  • Thermostatic Triple Module - 18 to 32 kW (120-480 V)


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Bradford White electric water heaters are getting many positive reviews from users and contractors. Great selection allows you to choose a unit for almost any hot water demand and for any location.

If looking for a budget-friendly, standard, 40-gallon tall size unit, Bradford White electric M240T6DS is recommended. If the room cannot accommodate the tall size unit and if 40 gallon tank is what you need, you can get a shorter version like Bradford White M240S6DS-1NCWW for the same economy price. See the prices here.

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