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Do not buy a Rinnai

by daniel maher
(port orchard, wa)

I purchased a Rinnai, outdoor tankless in about 2007. It was professionally installed. No one told me I would have to turn off the heater and clean the filter at least once a week, or buy a flushing system, ($250), and have to flush the unit every two months.

It takes forever to get the hot water to some areas of the house. When the filter is not cleaned once a week or more, it, "Cycles", meaning you get 30 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold, lots of fun when showering. You have to flush the unit with 2 gallons of vinegar, at least every two months, or you get cycling. This means, turning off the machine, hooking up a flushing unit that cost $250, and flushing for 45 minutes or more, emptying the unit, flushing with water.

If I had been told any of this, I would never have purchased Rinnai water heater. Save your money and your sanity, stick with a tank model, and definitly do NOT by the Rinnai garbage.

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