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Gas water heater in beauty salon 
Is it safe to install a gas water heater in a beauty salon? I am afraid of installing one because of all the chemicals we are using??? Thanks, Sue …

Checking venting on a gas water heater 
I have a Rheem Fury gas water heater that was running great until two days ago. It seems that the upper surface of the heater is hotter than usual, and …

How to horizontally vent a gas water heater? 
What are the requirements and how to properly vent my tankless water heater horizontally?

Question about water heater flame color and size 
I have a natural gas water heater that when heating the water is producing more dirt than usual and it is smoking. What the??? I called my utility gas …

New gas water heaters are safer than the older types. 
The 40 and 50 gal gas water heaters mfg after 2003 are FVIR water heaters. Flame Vapor Ignition Resistant water heaters will protect you from any combustible …

i have a natural gas waterheater can i use propane on it 
Can i hookup a propane tank to my natural gas water heater?

Gas water heater is leaking from the upper valve 
I have a natural gas water heater for 8 years, and never had problems until now. This morning I have found a puddle of water under the water heater. …

Converting inside gas tankless water to mount outside Not rated yet
I have a gas tankless water heater mounted out side that I want to replace.I,m buying a gas tankless water heater that is so post to be mounted inside …

Retired US Navy Aviation Mainteance Chief/Apt resident Not rated yet
I live in an apartment and there is a Ruud Gas Hot Water heater in the apartment. The model number is PH2DV50F. The unit’s manufactured date is January …

My Eccotemp L5 water heater Not rated yet
I have purchased the Eccotemp L5 tankless water heater as I needed a portable unit that will be mobile and compact so I can install and use it whenever …

Hot and cold water flow Not rated yet
We are on a well association of 45 homes. We had to turn our water off for 30 minutes the other day at the meter. No issues, but it was off for 30 minutes. …

Why proper venting on gas water heaters is important? Not rated yet
Did you ask yourself is the room where your gas water heater is installed, properly vented? Does it produce the pilot outage or improper gas burning? …

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