GE Gas Water Heaters Review

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General Electric offers over thirty GE gas water heaters for residential water heating, in capacity range from 28 gallons to the large 75 gallons, including popular 40 and 50 gallon sizes, designed for standard size homes.

Reviewing Basics

Difference between gas fired General Electric water heaters is not only in size and weight, but in quality of the component parts, implemented systems for durability, recovery rate, delivery, efficiency and lengths of the warranties.

Some GE water heaters are factory set on liquid propane gas and some on natural gas. Great number of GE gas water heaters are Energy Star, with the energy factor EF of 0.67 or higher and therefore, eligible for government tax breaks and utility rebates. As you will see from our review, all the Energy Star high efficiency models are designed in the most popular sizes, 40 and 50-gallon tank capacity.

Majority of all General Electric gas water heaters are atmospheric and must be vented outdoors for safety. Units that are high efficiency are usually with the sealed combustion or with power venting - power vent models, which increase the safety at the same time.

GE water heaters with the power vent are designed for installation in the areas where a traditional water heater should not be installed, and thanks to its flexible horizontal venting run. Find the links below to see detail GE gas water heaters reviews about:


30-gallon models review

There are four GE gas water heaters in this group, with the tank sizes of 28, 29 and 30 gallons, all of them atmospheric with a limited warranty of 6 years. 30-gallon GE water heaters are factory set to use natural gas except the 29-gallon model GP30T06AVJ which is using propane gas.

First hour delivery is around 50 gallons per hour and recovery rate around 30 gph.

28-gallon model GG30S06AVG with its 46" in height is the shortest model, designed for rooms where installing a standard tall unit is difficult.

Energy efficiency for tall models is 0.62 while for this shorter 28-gallon GG30S06AVG gas water heater 0.61.

38-gallon models review

38-gallon gas water heaters are only in the offer with the limited warranty of 6 years. Two models are short with the height of 49 1/4", while the other tall models are with the height of 58".

Maximum BTU input for short models is 36 which allows them to have first hour delivery of 68 gal/h and 36.4 gal/h recovery rate. Gas input for tall models is 38 which results in the first hour delivery to be 72 and 73 gph and recovery rate of 38.4 gph. EF is 0.6 for all models.

40-gallon models review

40-gallon GE gas water heaters are mainly atmospheric vented units except for GP40T06PVK and GG40T06PVK which are power vent models. They are also factory set on natural gas while two power vent models; GP40T06PVK and GP40T06AVR are set on propane gas.

Half of the available 40-gallon models are Energy Star qualified due to its energy factor of 0.62 or higher. High efficiency is the result of the higher BTU's and thicker foam insulation. Gas input for Energy Star models is approximately 40 BTU/h while on standard, less efficient models are around 36 BTU/h.

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50-gallon models review

Most of the popular 50-gallon gas water heaters are designed with the energy efficiency of 0.58 and 0.62. The highest EF value of 0.64 is found on power vent models GG50T06PVK and GP50T06PVK. Highest first hour delivery rate of 91 gallons per hour is found on the atmospheric models SG50T12TXK and GG50T06TXK while the minimum is 80 gal\h.

An average recovery rate or how quickly the unit can heat cold water to the desired temperature is approximately 40 gal/h. The maximum recovery rate on power vent water heater models GG50T06PVK and GP50T06PVK is 42.4 gal/h.

60 and 75-gallon models review

SG60T12YVK is 60-gallon water heater that features a low energy factor of 0.57, but with the long 12-year warranty.

GG75T06ASK is 75-gallon water heater and is the tallest unit among GE gas water heaters. Due to its size, they have the maximum first hour delivery of 141 gal/h and recovery rate of 75.8 gal/h.

Both units are factory set on natural gas and being atmospheric they do require 4" vent size for venting products of combustion.


GE gas water heaters are equipped with the SmartShield Sensor System that automatically shuts the gas unit down thanks to the Flammable Vapor Resistant design, if flammable vapors are detected.

Also, GE gas water heaters are producing less greenhouse gases while protecting the environment with low emission burner design.

To ignite the pilot light, General Electric water heaters are using the pilot light igniter with simple push button operation.

Vent size for 30 and 40-gallon atmospheric water heaters is 3" and for 60 and 75-gallon model is 4". Power vent units offer more flexibility during installation with the 2 or 3" vent pipe with the horizontal run up to 100 ft.

Thermostat is factory set on 120 F, but you can change the temperature of the hot water up to 160 F. The temperature of the outgoing hot water is regulated by setting the temperature dial on the front of the thermostat.

The BTUH rating of the relief valve must not be less than the input rating for that water heater. Input value can be found on the rating label at the front of the unit. Discharge pipe should be installed to allow complete drainage, by gravity.

Some units, those with the higher energy efficiency are equipped with the thicker foam insulation and 3/4" NPT heat traps in both hot and cold water line.

Self-Cleaning System on some models is used to reduce the sediment buildup. Porcelain lining on the inner tank surface and magnesium or heavy duty anode rod for protection against corrosion. Brass drain valve is for water heaters with the 12-year warranty only. Filter is not used and that means less maintenance.


General Electric offers for its GE gas water heaters three different limited warranties 6, 9 and 12 years and all of them are equipped with the standard heavy duty anode rod and porcelain-lined tank for protection against corrosion.

Gas heaters with the 6-year limited warranty can be found in sizes from the smallest 28-gallon tank to the biggest 75-gallon capacity, all of them for residential applications. This is the largest group, with over 20 models to choose from. As the warranty is related to the metal tank durability, longer warranty you will get if you buy gas hot water heater with the better quality.

GE gas water heaters that come with the 9-year limited warranty are available only in 40 and 50-gallon tank sizes. One of the main reasons for its longer warranty is the self-cleaning system to reduce the sediment buildup inside the water heater tank.

General Electric gas water heaters with the 12-year limited warranty are built only in sizes of 40, 50 and 60-gallons and they offer higher quality of some component parts that will allow GE to offer such a long warranty. 12-year warranty models are designed with the higher BTUs so they can provide faster recovery and more hot water.


GE gas water heaters can be purchased online or in one of the hardware stores. You can buy them at Home Depot as it sells them exclusively, but they can also be found at the Sears and Lowe's.

To give you an idea how much does the GE gas water heater cost we will review the most selling units:

  • 40-gallon gas hot water heater with 6-year warranty cost $350; 9-year warranty approximately $500 and for 12-year warranty you have to pay around $530.

  • 50-gallon gas water heater from General Electric will cost you $400 for 6-year warranty, $570 for 9 and $600 for 12-year warranty.

  • The largest 75-gallon water heater is $750.

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