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GE GeoSprings Hybrid-be cautious

by Nancy Gogle
(Sunbury, Ohio USA)

We installed at GE GeoSprings Hybrid water heater in Nov of 2010. It worked well until Nov 2011 (exactly 1 year to the day) when the heat pump system failed. We have had 3 repair calls and are currently waiting for a back ordered part (which has been more than 30 days).

While the tank still technically heats water on just the electric mode there is only enough for two short showers and the difference in our electric bill is very noticeable.

While the tank is operating in hybrid mode the fan does make a noticeable sound but, unless the tank is in a living space it is not overwhelming.
Bottom line, don't get this appliance until they get their design flaws corrected and their service system improved.

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