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How to fix Rv water heater

by Doreen
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

I bought a 2011 Sprinter Select travel trailer with a suburban hot water heater. From the minute we put it on site May 24th, 2011, we have had a problem with the hot water tank.

It completely shuts down for no apparent reason. When we manually try to start it up again usually the second cycle of restart we get a huge explosion of propane, almost like its built up. Then after the explosion the third cycle will begin and fails to start... If I leave for a long time ( 1 hr.) approx... it starts.

When the water heater is running it always provides hot water. Sometimes it will start on its own and seems to work properly. Then it all starts over again... Our trailer provider has been out 4 times, changed most of the parts, can't seem to pin point the problem. We have on site insurance now there telling me they are going to start charging me to come out here to my campsite each time they have to come out.

Are there are any recalls on this Rv hot water heater or do you have any suggestions what the problem might be.. any suggestions would be very much appreciated... thanks Doreen. The model number is SW6 D.

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