Hubbell Electric Tankless Water Heaters Review

Review of the Hubbell electric tankless water heaters, designed for the whole-house and point-of-use on-demand water heating in residential and light commercial applications, backup heating for solar and geothermal systems and radiant floor heating. Hubbell electric units are versatile, simple by design and to operate and have less maintenance involved than tank-type.


Flexible installation

Hubbell Tankless

Hubbell electric tankless water heaters have many advantages over the tank-type heaters. Hubbell tankless are space-saving units that are mounted on the wall or under the sink and cabinet wall, and such a set up frees up the floor space for other use.

Due to the small, compact and lightweight design they can be installed almost anywhere; closet, utility room, under the sink, crawl space, and thanks to its stainless steel exterior also in the garage, attic, high traffic places and locations with the wet conditions. These units are designed mainly for the indoor use, but with the appropriate enclosure can be installed outdoor too.

Quality elements

Its high powered heating elements heat water instantly and when you need it, providing you high 99%efficiency, great energy savings and significantly reduced operation cost. The heating elements are coming with the commercial quality, which ensures durability and reliability. Attached to the heating elements are safety thermostats that are equipped with the hi-limit switch for protection against overheating (150 F).

Easy operation

Except the endless on demand supply of hot water, Hubbell also comes with other great features such as the push-fit connection that eliminates the need for soldering the copper inlet and outlet pipes, and electronic temperature controller. The LED digital display is part of the electronic temperature controller and is conveniently located at the front panel; it shows the temperature of hot water, while the push buttons allows temperature adjustment from 32 to 194 F.

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Advanced electronics

All Hubbell electric tankless water heaters are capable to modulate power from 0 to 100% and spend the energy only what is needed for the set temperature. The advance electronics includes the microprocessor controller and sophisticated sensors for the precise flow rate and accurate water temperatures with reduced temperature fluctuation. There are also other benefits for Hubbell customers and these are the drain port that simplifies the drainage during winter, options to track the consumed energy and water, and check the operating costs, error code and allow thermal auto reset protection.

Water flow

Hubbell tankless water heaters utilize the turbine type flow meter while providing hot water in the range from 0.2 GPM to 8.0 GPM resulting in precise temperature control.

Models review

Hubbell offers an extensive line of tankless electric water heaters contained in two groups; models from 200 series (280-3, 240-3 and 220-3) that are designed for northern, colder regions and models from 100 series (180-2, 165-2, 145-2 and 110-2) built for southern, warmer climates.

Tankless water heaters from 200 series that are designed for colder regions or high demanding homes and home with Jacuzzi tubs in warmer regions utilize three heating elements and are built with the power range from 21 to 27 kW.

Hubbell electric tankless water heaters, designed for warmer regions, come with the two heating elements and have the power range from 11 to 18 kW. These models are few pounds lighter than other models (19 vs. 23 pounds) and narrower (13.5” vs. 17”).

Hubbell manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the chamber and 3 years on the electrical elements.

Features/Models 3-27 kW
Voltage 240/220/208
Thermal Efficiency 98%
Min/Max Water Flow GPM 0.2/8.0
Temperature Range 32/140F

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