John Wood Direct Vent Water Heaters Review

John Wood direct vent water heaters are designed for homes that do not utilize the chimney and where the external power supply cannot be provided for the heater. Thanks to the side wall installation and sealed combustion chamber, fresh air is taken from the outside and used for creating an ideal mixture with natural or propane gas. Due to the air tight design, back drafting and carbon monoxide leaking are minimized, which makes these units perfect for use even in room closets. Since there is no electric fan to blow, direct vent water heaters are very quiet. This type of the water heaters is recommended for homes with the space issues.

Features review

John Wood Direct Vent

  • With the direct venting no external electricity or chimney is required and the water heater gets the combustion air from outside while removing the products of combustion outdoor at the same time. The venting system is horizontal and co-axial type (pipe within the pipe).
  • Thermopile design allows pilot light proper work even in harsh environment.

  • Gas control valve incorporates the LED operation status indicator and diagnostic system for easy troubleshooting.

  • Water heaters with the side connection for combined potable water and space heating are available.
  • Flame Safe technology protects the user from the accidental ignition of the flammable vapor from paint, solvents and some chemicals.

  • Natural gas and propane gas models available.

  • With the absence of the electric blower, the operation is quiet.
  • Heavy duty anode rod for protection against corrosion.

  • The water temperature can be adjusted on the gas control valve and thermostat assembly in the range from 91 F to 155 F.

  • There are two operating modes: standard mode when the temperature controller maintains the set temperature and low setting mode, when the temperature is approximately 91 F.

  • Warranty - 8 years.


Capacity (Gal) 40 50 50
Gas Input
38,000 42,000 40,000
73 87 88
Energy Factor
0.60 0.58 0.59
Recovery rate
34 38 49
Max. vent length
90 90 90
167 185 187

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