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My Bosch water heater has been a headache

by Kevin
(British Columbia,Canada)

I purchased my Bosch GWH-635-ES-n 4yrs ago and for 4yrs I have been swearing at it.I had a plumber check all the necessary things that you need for it to work properly but performance has been pretty sad especially for the price.

It seems to be way to sensitive and will shut off if there is any water fluctuation even if i set the temp way down it fails to do a good job. Somebody told me faucets with pressure valves built in will effect the performance. Finally the other day the tube for the heat exchanger cracked and soaked the inside of the unit and is now broken, so much for the 20+ years it is supposed to last.

I paid a lot of money for this unit to have a plumber tell me by the time I fix this I will pay just as much for a new one. Not happy at all! What i can say is that the temporary hot water tank is not Bosch and i will find a another tankless unit to take its spot.

Thanks a lot,Kevin.

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