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My Noritz 069M water temperature fluctuates a lot

by danny hinckley
(san leandro, CA, USA)

My Noritz 069M was installed 4 years ago and has worked great until now. Recently it heats the water very hot, regardless of the actual temperature setting. It always starts out normal but then within a few minutes of having reached operational temperature at the outlet (shower) the temperature then begins creeping upwards to the point where you can't stand in the shower at all (estimate that it starts out at 105F degree set-point but eventually/soon gets to 120+.

At times it will also fluctuate between scalding hot and target set-point. This does not appear to be a result of wafer flow fluctuations caused by other water consumers in house turning on/off/on. It is not supposed to matter anyway. That is the point of the system. It heats the water to target temperature regardless of flow, so one might experience fluctuations in the flow but not the temperature (at least not so drastic).

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