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My Rheem HE Electric Residential Water Heater has low Hot Water Presssure

by Robyn St. John
(Leonard, Texas USA)

Only the hot water slows to a trickle when the spicket is turned on at every location throughout the house, with the washing machine being the first in the line.

The problem with the Rheem HE Electric started suddenly one day after having to fix a water leak outside the house where the ground had dried so badly from months with no rain that the ground split and caused the pvc to break and leak.

This wasn't the first leak, we have had many at various times and many since we installed the Rheem HE Electric 6 year old tank. The water pressure is fine on the cold side, just the hot water starts normal then slows to trickle.

We have tried flushing the line several times. This has been going on for a few weeks, and now in the farthest spicket location, a shower head, won't even get cold water pressure unless we turn on the hot water and cold water in both sinks at the same time while running the cold water in the shower. Have tried many things, any ideas?

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