My State water heater is overheating

by Dave
(Revere, Ma)

My water suddenly got WAY too hot. I replaced both upper and lower thermostats on my State water heater, only to find that when I turned the breaker back on it was buzzing.

I thought it might be a faulty breaker, so I replaced the breaker with a new 30 amp double pole breaker switch and everything seemed back to normal. I went to work and when I came home the water was scalding again.

I checked the relief valve and that was fine as well. I've talked to 2 plumbers and an electrician and they've all diagnosed the problem as being the thermostats, but both the upper and lower thermostats are brand new. Any suggestions?

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Sep 11, 2011
be careful with electric
by: tightspot

your water heater is wired so that only one element is working at a time. your water heater element will draw about 20 amps with a 4500 watt element.if your water heater thermostats are wired wrong and both elements are being powered up at the same time you will double your amp draw to 40 amps. on a 30 amp breaker ,could make it buzz. check your voltage . you should have 220 volts on only one element while it is heating.

Sep 11, 2011
make sure the breaker is off
by: tightspot

If your water is too hot,your elements must be working. What controls how hot is the thermostats. majority of the time when the water heater gets to hot, the reset button at the upper thermostat will trip. 9 out of 10 times it is the lower thermostat that is the defected part. if the reset has not been tripped you have the thermostats turned up to high. when adjusting thermostats ,always have the lower thermostat adjusted to the temperature you desire and the upper thermostat at the lowest setting. hot water raises, so the lower thermostat should be the only one you adjust for your desired temperature.

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