Navien NR and NR-A Series Review

Navien tankless water heaters from NR (A) series: NR-180, NR-210 and NR-240 are ultra-efficiency units that utilize the condensing technology for continuous, on demand potable water and space heating. This review covers two types, NR-A with the recirculation feature and NR without.

Model review

Navien NR 210A

Navien offers three sizes for residential applications, either talking about NR or NR-A series; NR-180 and NR-180A, NR-210 and NR-210A , NR-240 and NR-240A.

With the use of the modulating gas burner, Navien water heaters can work in the power range from the minimum 15,000 Btu to maximum 199,900 Btu/hr and provide maximum flow rate of 11 GPM, which is ideal for larger homes with more than three bathrooms. For high demanding homes, there is a cascading arrangement that combines water heaters into one system, either NR-A or NR models.

Navien NR-A series is the same as the "non-A" group, but with the addition of the circulation pump and mini-buffer tank. NR-A models can be used for both domestic hot water and space heating while NR just for potable water.

If you ever experienced cold-water sandwiches during the shower or couldn't get a trickle of warm water, the “A” series is one you should look at. Thanks to the ComfortFlow technology the heaters do not require a minimum flow rate to operate, and water temperature fluctuation is minimized. NR models are not equipped with the circulation pump, but can utilize the external pump and provide recirculation and also connect to the storage tank.

Features review

  • Two stainless steel heat exchangers; one main and the other condensing.

  • Two microprocessors for accurate and steady temperatures, optimal gas combustion and increased overall safety.
  • Air Pressure and Gas Pressure sensors provide stable combustion and optimal performance no matter of the gas pressure fluctuation, vent length and even in harsh weather conditions.

  • Direct or non-direct venting for indoor models with the use of the electric fan and no venting required for outdoor models.

  • Built-in remote controller for temperature adjustment and error code display.

  • Multi-system for cascading set-up and increased hot water flow.

  • Recirculation mode for faster hot water delivery.

  • Use of natural gas or with the correct conversion kit, propane gas.
  • Safety features: freeze protection, flame sensor, water and exhaust high limit switch, CO monitoring and ignition operation detector.

  • Eco Pre-mixed Burner for low NOx emission and its three phase combustion, improves the longevity and performance.

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NR-180(A) NR-210(A) NR-240(A)
15,000-150,000 17,000-180,000 17,000-199,000
Water Flow
(GPM) @ 35 F rise
8.3 10 11
Energy Factor
0.94-0.97 0.95-0.97
Min. Water Flow
0 (A models)
0 (A models)
0 (A models)
Activation rate
0 (A models)
0 (A models)
0 (A models)
Temp. settings
98-140 98-140 98-140
Electric consumption
200 200 200
Max. vent length
100 100 100
67 / 77(A) 77 / 86(A) 77 / 86(A)

As you can see from the above, Navien tankless water heaters from NR and NR-A series are solid units that provide great benefits to its users; endless and on demand hot water supply, comfortable showers, inexpensive venting, eco friendly solution, space saving design, long warranty, quality, low operating costs and much more.

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