Navien Water Heaters Review

A review of the ultra efficient Navien water heaters from NPE, CH and NR series utilizing condensing and tankless technology. See the Navien's top features and its great energy efficiency, the highest in the water heating industry.

Best Features

Heat exchanger and EF

Navien tankless water heaters

The extremely high energy factor which is in the range from 0.95 to 0.97 (the average is 0,82) is the result of the condensing technology that uses the flue heat to increase the temperature of cold incoming water in one of the two stainless steel heat exchangers.

Other, primary heat exchanger is also made of stainless steel and it is the place where the main burner is heating water. The stainless steel allows the longevity of the unit, economical and reliable work. Due to the high quality of HE, Navien provides long 15 years warranty.


As the heat was "stolen" from the flue gases, its temperature gets lower so it exits the vent pipe with lower temperature than the conventional tankless units, making the venting system economical and easier to install.

All Navien water heaters are designed as the indoor - direct and non-direct vents and outdoor models. The indoor type utilizes the concentric and two-pipe system, installed horizontally or vertically, with the length up to 100 feet.


The gas burner is eco-friendly as its design allows dramatical reduction in CO2 and NOx gases, mainly due to the optimal premixing of the air and gas

No minimum water flow

Navien water heaters from the "A" series are designed with the ComfortFlow technology so no minimum water flow is need for the units activation. These models are equipped with the recirculation pump and 0.5-gal buffer, so the temperature fluctuation is reduced and comfort is increased.

Model Selection

Navien designs to two types of water heaters; gas tankless and combi boilers. Navien gas tankless water heaters are further available as the NR and NPE series and are used for heating potable water only. Gas combi boilers are also designed for home space heating.

Navien NR series

Navien tankless water heaters from NR (A) series: NR-180, NR-210 and NR-240 are ultra-efficiency units that are using the condensing technology for on demand potable water and space heating and in continuous supply. Read further to the detail review of its features and specs.

Navien NPE series

Models NPE-180A, NPE-210A and NPE-240A from Korean manufacturer Navien are ultra-efficient water heaters, made for on-demand heating of potable water in residential and light commercial applications, and also for space heating. The main features are ComfortFlow, built-in temperature controller and... more

Combi boilers CH series

Equipped with th eco-friendly gas burner Ch series uses the pre-mixed air – gas mixture to produce less CO2 and NOx gases then conventional type, and thanks to the GARC system Navien ensures the right air/gas ratio for the optimal gas combustion. Read more here.

Navien - US Headquarters

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