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No hot water

by Jodi
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

We have a Kenmore Power Miser 9 electric hot water heater. We had a power surge in the house two days ago, which apparently resulted in no hot water. We took of the top element cover, pulled the insulation away and hit the "red" reset button, hoping that would fix the problem. So far, nothing, and the videos we watched stated that a click should have been heard when the red reset button was pushed, however we did not hear any audible click, and still no hot water. Please can you advise as to what it might be. The electric hot water heater does not look to be very old. The hoses are relatively new. however every since we had the power surge, we have not had any hot water.

The first night of the power surge, the hot water was luke warm, and for the past day and a half, no hot water at all. For the first day, we kept hearing a period Clicking sound, where there would be this one loud click coming from the area where the hot water heater is,and then there wouldn't be another for about a twenty to thirty minute time interval. V/r Jodi

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