Noritz NRC661 Review

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Review of the Noritz NRC661 tankless water heaters for indoor and outdoor use, features, specs, advantages and benefits for your residential water and space heating.

NRC661 model is the latest design from Noritz that was released in 2013 as the tankless water heater with the condensing technology. It is used for potable water heating in homes where it satisfies demand for 2-3 people and can also be used in home heating. Due to the lower temperature of the exiting flue gases, it utilizes the 3" PVC venting that saves money due to its lower cost and faster installation.

The NRC661 model is the high efficiency water heater that utilizes the smart technology for the accurate and more stable water heating and error diagnostics. By incorporating the tech data sheet inside the front cover of the water heater, the problems can be solved and unit maintained conveniently and much faster. The digital display at the bottom of the unit provides some useful info such as the current hot water temperature, water flow and error codes in a case of the unit failure.

Models review

noritz nrc661

Noritz NRC661-OD

Noritz NRC661-OD is the outdoor model that is designed for installation outside and does not require the venting system. As an accessory, you can by an recess box, a cover that protects the unit from the harsh weather conditions.

Noritz NRC661-DV

As opposed to the above outdoor model, Noritz NRC661-DV is the direct vent unit that must be installed indoor only, with the vent system installed vertically or horizontally with the maximum vent length of 57' and 3" in diameter. The most used pipe types are PVC or CPVC, which have been approved for use with zero clearance to combustibles. The indoor model is equipped with the display window, found on the front cover, and it allows you to check the status of unit and find the error codes.

Features review

  • Small and compact size: saves the floor space.
  • Automatic ignition device.

  • Two heat exchangers for the high efficient water heating.

  • Low temperature of the exhaust gases; 120 F.
  • The NRC661 uses the 1/2" gas line which easily accommodates the existing gas line.

  • Digital display.

  • Safety: flames rod, overheat and lighting prevention device, freeze protection (indoor; -30F, outdoor; -4F), condensate overfill, fan rotation detector.

  • Potable water and space heating.

  • Low NOx burner (20 ppm).
  • Warranty: 12 years on the heat exchanger.

  • Remote controller is optional.


indoor, direct vent
15,000-120,000 15,000-120,000
Water Flow
(GPM) @ 30 F rise
6.6 6.6
Energy Factor
0.91-0.93 0.91-0.93
Min. Water Flow
0.5 0.5
Activation rate
0.4 0.4
Temp. settings
100-140 100-140
Electric consumption
139 138
Max. vent length
57 N/A
36 38

(Photos courtesy of Noritz)