Noritz NRC711 Series Review

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Review of the Noritz NRC711 indoor and outdoor models from the ecoTough series utilizing natural gas and propane, designed for heating potable water in residential applications.

Models review

Noritz NRC711 DV

Noritz NRC711 tankless water heaters are high efficiency and fully condensing home appliances, designed with the OD vent type for the outdoor and DV (or SV) vent type for the indoor installations, and are recommended for use in homes with maximum 3 baths.

Due to its small and compact size, and its ability for the wall installation, they are great choice for those homeowners who are struggling with the home floor space.

When comparing both models, side by side: Noritz NRC711-OD is easier to install as it doesn't require the vent pipe... it is ventless. This model is the power vented model that uses the slotted opening to remove the flue gases and perforations on the front panel for the air intake. On the other side, the indoor model which is also power vent, requires 3" PVC pipe for the safe extraction of the flue gases (it can use 2-pipe DV or a single vent). The indoor unit is also a bit taller and heavier than the outdoor unit. The noise rating of 51 dB is lower on the Noritz NRC711-DV unit than NRC711-OD with its 55 dB.

Noritz NRC711 OD

Most of the features between these two models are common, so as the technical data; BTU input range, energy factor, minimum and maximum water flow rate, and temperature settings.

A neat feature is the built-in display window located at the front of the unit allowing you to see when the power is ON, when the gas burner is ON, when the hot water flows or the error code during the failure.

Unfortunately, the remote controller, which provides more flexibility and convenience is an optional accessory. Either model can work only as a single unit as they are not quick-connect compatible, but are recirculation compatible for fast hot water delivery.

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Features review

  • Single burner.

  • Primary heat exchanger made of copper and secondary made of stainless steel.
  • Direct electronic ignition for greater reliability.

  • Power direct and non-direct venting, using PVC and CPVC pipes.

  • High efficiency condensing technology.
  • Remote control for easy temperature control and adjustment, including flow rate and advanced diagnostics.

  • Temperature adjustments from 115 to 140F in 6 settings (remote controller or dip switch).

  • Low NOx gas combustion.
  • Safety features include; freeze protection to -4F for the outdoor unit and -30F for a DV model; flame sensor, overheat prevention device, fan rotation detector, lightning protection device, thermal fuse, temperature lockout and electric ignition.

  • Standard 3/4" gas and water connections.

  • 12-year warranty on heat exchangers and 5 years on other parts, for the residential applications.


Gas Input
15,000 – 157,000 15,000 – 157,000
Water Flow
0.5-7.1 0.5-7.1
Energy Factor
0.94 0.94
Temp. settings
115-140 (5F intervals) 115-140 (5F intervals)
Electric consumption
71 (NG) 52 (NG)
Max. vent length
57 -
24x14x7 21x14x7
41 40

(Photos courtesy of Noritz)