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Noritz Model 0751-dvc 
My Noritz tankless hot water heater is a new installation Oct 2010--I moved into the home in Nov- and am the only person in it. The unit has stopped …

Noritz Water Heater Model No. N-063S-1 periodically does not supply hot water 
The Noritz Water Heater Model No. N-063S-1 periodically will not supply hot water to the faucet. I have to leave the faucet running and pull the Pressure …

Why heat exchanger on Noritz N 063 is leaking? 
I have my tankless for seven years and it has worked very well. However it has just failed badly. It started leaking at the heat exchanger and dripped …

My Noritz leaks 
I noticed that my Nortiz N-069M tankless heater started leaking yesterday. Can the copper pipe inside the unit be replaced? I bought the unit in 2006? …

Happy with Noritz N-0751M-OD, BUT... Not rated yet
We have a model N-0751M-OD, (mounted outdoors). After about three years it started throwing a trouble code 90. A call to customer service yielded a very …

My Noritz 069M water temperature fluctuates a lot Not rated yet
My Noritz 069M was installed 4 years ago and has worked great until now. Recently it heats the water very hot, regardless of the actual temperature setting. …

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