Noritz Tankless Water Heater NR111 Review

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A review of the Noritz tankless water heater NR111 model from ProTOUGH line, a line of gas appliances with the high capacity and long lasting service in residential and light commercial applications. NR111 is ideal for potable water heating in multiple bathroom houses and homes with high hot water demand - up to 5 applications at the same time.

Top Features of Noritz Tankless NR111 model

High capacity - powerful features

You can freely use Noritz tankless water heater NR111 for two showers, washing machine and dishwasher at the same time, without worrying that you will run out of hot water or have unpleasant cold water sandwiches. Thanks to the Turbo-Flow system, high 11.1 gallons per minute can be reached to meet your demand. And with the automatic air regulator, unit is able to monitor the internal water temperature and maximize the burner efficiency.

Note: You will notice that Noritz NR111 models aren't Energy Star verified as the standard applies on units with the gas input up to 199,999 BTU. These units are so powerful that are providing terrific 250,000 BTUs with the thermal efficiency of 84 % for both natural gas and propane or LP gas.

Quick-Connect system

Even more power and hot water can be achieved with Quick-Connect system where two identical tankless units can be linked together into one system. In order to keep its high efficiency, meet higher water demand and provide stability in output temperature, Noritz has designed special high quality heat exchanger and piping with the Noritz exclusive dual flame burner.

Noritz tankless water heater NR111 is designed with the multi safety system to protect users and the tankless unit from breaking.

Even with the option to heat water to max of 180 F, (82 C) safety lock out system prevents scalding water and burns with factory set temperature of 120 F or 49 C.

Advanced electronics

Noritz uses the temperature remote controller that can precisely adjust the output water temperature, from 100 F to 180 F. It also allow you to set the flow meter alarm and check if there is a problem when the error code is displayed on the LCD screen.


To make Noritz tankless water heater even safer, several safety devices are built in. Thermal fuse automatically protects these units from overheating and freezing is prevented by the freeze-prevention heater, no matter is the unit on or off.

Other safety devices that are standard equipment are:

  • Overheat prevention device

  • Fan rotation detector

  • Flame rod

  • Lighting protection device

  • Pressure relief valve

  • Electric leakage prevention device

What controls the stability of the output hot water is fully modulating gas valve that adjusts the gas flow and burner level according to the output hot water temperature and demand.

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Noritz tankless water heater model review

Based on the venting options there are three wall hanging models from NR111 line you can choose from. The Noritz tankless water heater from this group is designed as power or direct vent and is used installed indoor only while the outdoor model must be installed on the outside wall or inside the recess box.

Note: Proper venting is required to protect the heater from corrosion and gas leak in the exhaust vent. Therefore stainless steel pipe is required for venting gases out (Category III).

Noritz NR111-SV

noritz tankless water heater nr111 sv Noritz NR111-SV

Noritz tankless water heater NR111-SV is a standard model that comes with the power venting, and can be installed indoor and outdoor, and vented horizontally through the outside wall or vertically through the roof. When installing inside, sufficient air supply should be provided as the heater uses the inside air for combustion and one flue pipe for venting gases out.

NR111-SV models are used in residential applications only, not in RV, boat or mobile and manufactured home applications.

Noritz NR111-OD

noritz nr111 od Noritz NR111-OD

Noritz NR111-OD tankless water heater can only be installed outdoor and it doesn't require venting pipes. Recommendation is to install it in the recess box, which is an accessory, for protection against different weather conditions.

NR111-OD models can be used for residential, commercial or in manufactured home application, but not in RVs or on a boat.

Model NR111-DV

noritz water heater nr111 dv Noritz NR111-DV

Direct vent model is for installation indoor only. Thanks to the sealed combustion chamber the unit uses the outside air only while the inside air is untouched. This is what makes the NR111-DV tankless water heater perfect for installation in smaller rooms, and where the installation of non-combustion sealed models is not a viable option.

Noritz direct vent model uses either one concentric vent pipe or two separate pipes, but it all depends on installation preference and viability.

These models are suitable for use in residential, commercial and manufactured home applications, but not in RVs or on a boat.

Every Noritz tankless water heater comes with the warranty of 12 years on heat exchanger and 5 on other parts.

(Photos courtesy of Noritz)