Noritz Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

N-0631 (NR71) and N-0531 (NR66) models for indoor and outdoor use

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Noritz tankless water heaters, N-0631S (NR71) and N-0531S (NR66) series that we are going to review here are gas appliances using either natural or propane gas, recommended for smaller and middle size homes, as they produce enough hot water for up to 3 applications working at the same time.

Even without high class dual flame burner and commercial grade heat exchanger as other models, Noritz tankless water heaters N-0631S (NR71)N-0531S (NR66) models are equipped with a powerful high performance single flame burner that allows them to be and EnergyStar

With 12 options you can adjust the output hot water temperature between 100 and 160 F (38 C - 71 C ). Factory set on 110 F (43 C) Noritz on demand models are designed to prevent scalding water and burns. For the most residential applications, like dishwashing or shower, recommended hot water temperature is below 120 F (49 C).

Temperature of the exhaust gases is high and as there is a lot of moisture they tend to produce an acid compound that can corrode the flue. That is the reason for installing a stainless steel exhaust.

Main Features - Summary

  • Efficiency level is 83% for both natural gas and LP

  • Single flame burner

  • Modulating gas valve for automatically burner output adjustment

  • Turbo Flow system for high demand applications

  • Electronic ignition

  • Self diagnostic on board computer system, great for troubleshooting and repairs

  • Suitable for installations up to 4500 ft or 1.5 km above sea level

Safety Elements

  • Thermal fuse provides an automatic protection from overheating

  • Freeze-prevention heater works automatically if power is provided

  • Flame rod

  • Safety lock-out

  • Lightning prevention device

  • Fan rotation detector

  • Resin coated PC board for element protection

  • Automatic air regulator monitors an internal temperature

Useful Accessories

  • Isolation valves with pressure relief valve - allows easy flushing and full diagnostic testing.

  • ScaleShield is Noritz brand water softener protects from lime and mineral build up.

  • Recess box for N-0631S-OD (NR71-OD) and N-0531S-OD (NR66-OD) models only

  • Outdoor vent cap for N-0631S (NR71) and N-0531S (NR66) models

  • Remote controller outdoor junction box, necessary when installing outdoor

  • High elevation adjustment

N-0631S (NR71) and N-0531S (NR66) in Details

noritz tankless water heatersOn demand water heaters, N-0631S (NR71) series, with a maximum power of 180,000 BTU and with the capacity range from 0.5-7.1 GPM, are ideal for one to three bathroom homes. They can be easily installed indoor and outdoor. When installing inside, you can run vent either horizontally or vertically.

Sufficient air supply is required and since models are power vented, products of combustion are extracted out through the vent pipe while the inside air is sucked in through the perforated front cover.

N-0631S-OD (NR71-OD) and N-0631S (NR71-SV), for outdoor installation, are using horizontal vent that is built into the water heater so there is no requirement for any venting elements. The outside air is used for combustion (exhaust and air intake slots are located on the front cover).

For N-0631S (NR71) models only, if there is any problem with a water heater, the error code will show up on the lamp.

Noritz water heaters N-0531S (NR66) models, because of its small size, max. capacity of 6.6 gallons of hot water and 140,000 BTU per hour are perfect for apartments, condominiums and townhouses that are using up to 2 showers.

(Photos courtesy of Noritz)