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Review of N-0842MC / NRC111 condensing tankless models

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Noritz water heaters, N-0842MC (NRC111) models that we are going to review here are tankless gas appliances new generation, that are using an innovative water heating technology. With specially designed elements, Noritz tankless water heater utilizes the flue energy to preheat incoming water and therefore increase its performance and efficiency to over 93%.

They are known as condensing water heaters. Condensing boilers are very popular in Europe, and now thanks to Noritz are offered to users from North America. Like other Energy Star devices you can also take the advantage of the government tax credit.

What is special about Noritz condensing design?

Noritz water heaters with the condensing technology has the main part adual heat exchanger that is consisted of the copper and stainless steel heat exchanger. Durable stainless steel element is added to capture the residual exhaust heat and exchanges it with incoming water.

Advantages of Noritz water heaters with condensing technology

Thanks to this innovative condensing technology there is a significant reduction in greenhouse gases and increased efficiency.

Temperature of the exhaust gases is about 400 F (204 C) and once it transfers the heat to incoming water, the temperature of exiting flue gases drops to 120 F (49 C). As the flue gases have lots of moisture, condensation occurs; the drain pipe should be installed for water discharge.

The outgoing flue gases temperature is lower, so instead using stainless steel pipes you are allowed to use much cheaper PVC for venting. With the built-in PVC adapter it is very easy to install venting system.

Noritz water heaters by having a lower minimum gas input, 11,000 BTU per hour, outperforms competitors as it controls much better and accurately hot water temperature, when it is working with a low flow rates.

And with a maximum power of 199,000 BTU/h, N-0842M (NRC111) condensing models can provide higher water temperature of 180 F (82 C) than Navien manufacturer, for example.

Noritz condensing appliances are factory set on 120 F, but you still have 14 options to set the output temperature between 100 and 180 F. You can also set the temperature of water that comes out of the hot tap using a remote controller (included with heater purchase).

noritz water heatersWith a dual burner and corrosion resistant heat exchanger technology, Noritz water heaters, condensing models are able to increase the efficiency and keep the temperature fluctuation in low +/-3 F.

Not only that N-0842MC (NRC111) models can be used for the potable water heating but also for space heating, thanks to the combi-system set-up feature.

Either using propane or natural gas, the efficiency is still over 93%. With a max capacity range of 11.1 gallons per minute, N-0842MC (NRC111-SV models are ideal for multiple bathroom homes; up to 4 applications simultaneously can be used (i.e. two showers, dishwasher and washing machine).

Main Features - Summary

  • Over 93% efficiency level with a new condensing technology
  • Dual flame burner for minimal hot water temperature fluctuation
  • Dual heat exchanger, one made of copper, second from stainless steel
  • Modulating gas valve for automatically burner output adjustment
  • Turbo Flow system for high demand applications provides 11.1 GPM
  • Multi System allows up to 24 water heaters to be linked together
  • Quick Connect cable allows connection of two identical units and for easy control with a remote control.
  • Electronic ignition
  • Self diagnostic on board computer system, great for troubleshooting and repairs
  • Suitable for installations up to 4500 ft or 1.5 km above sea level
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Safety Elements

  • Thermal fuse provides an automatic protection from overheating
  • Freeze-prevention heater works automatically if power is provided
  • Flame rod
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Lightning prevention device
  • Fan rotation detector
  • Resin coated PC board
  • Automatic air regulator monitors an internal temperature
  • Built-in neutralizing system for condensation

Useful Accessories

  • Isolation valves with pressure relief valve - allows easy flushing and full diagnostic testing.
  • Multi-system controller is required when connecting over 3 units.
  • ScaleShield is Noritz brand water softener protects; from lime and mineral build up.
  • Remote controller outdoor junction box, necessary when installing outdoor


Based on the venting options there are two condensing, wall hanging Noritz water heaters, you can choose from. Both of them are power vented, where flue gases are forced out and fresh air from outside draw in. As N-0842M (NRC111) models are combustion sealed the inside air is protected from being used.
  • N-0842MC (NRC111-SV)
  • N-0842MC-DV (NRC111-DV)

Noritz N-0842MC (NRC111-SV)

N-0842MC (NRC111-SV) is tankless model that can be installed indoor and outdoor, and vented horizontally or vertically. When installing inside, sufficient air supply should be provided as it is using the inside air for combustion and one flue pipe for product of combustion extraction.

It is important to drain condensate securely and not to block the drainage, especially if installing inside. Significant amount of condensate is extracted, around 2 gallons per hour and what is left from the moisture in the flue it usually produces a white steam at the vent discharge terminal.

Once installed outside, Noritz outdoor model can be exposed to lower freezing temperatures. That is why you should not remove the power plug from the electrical outlet. The freezing device protects the unit only, not plumbing. For extremely cold weather and if the unit is not used for a while, the best solution is to drain the whole unit.

For vertical roof vent penetration, recommendation is to use a rain cap at the end of the vent.

Birdscreen is an option for both horizontal and vertical vents, a solution that keep birds from entering inside the vent pipe.

N-0842MC (NRC111-SV) models cannot be used in RV, boat or mobile and manufactured home applications.

Noritz N-0842MC-DV

N-0842MC-DV (NRC111-DV) units are wall-mounted and power vented, built for indoor installation only. These models can be used for residential, commercial and in manufactured home applications, but not in RVs or boats.

(Photos courtesy of Noritz)