Paloma 9.5 Water Heater
(PH2-28) Review

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Review of the Paloma tankless water heaters from 9.5 (PH2-28) series for homes with the high hot water demand. Explore Paloma 9.5 top features and see how these tankless units can save you money and time.

Available models

As found among other Paloma water heaters, 9.5 series comes in two models that are used for heating potable water:

  • Indoor models - PH2-28RDVSN (or P for propane)

  • Outdoor - PH2-28ROFN(P)

Paloma 9.5 series are the largest non-condensing tankless water heaters from this manufacturer, or models with the highest water flow and gas input rate. The heaters can also be used as the commercial units, as long as the conversion (installation of the commercial chip) is done properly.

Technical data

Power and efficiency

All Paloma 9.5 tankless water heaters are designed with the modulating gas valve, which allows them to work in the range between the minimum power of 11,000 Btu and maximum power of 199,900 BTU, when it works in its full capacity. This power range and the high water flow rate of 7.6 GPM ensures the comfortable multiple-shower use, and the high thermal efficiency of
84 %, for both propane and natural gas savings. The energy-saving modulation won't be that efficient if there is no help of the advanced microprocessor, which controls many parameters during the water heating operation.

Adjusting temperature and remote control

The operating temperature is factory set between 100 F and 120 F while the temperatures from 85 F to 140 F can be achieved and regulated on the Main remote control (UMC-117), which is supplied with the unit. The remote controller is very simple, it allows you only to adjust and monitor the temperature in F, while the LED screen displays the water temperature, and if there is a problem, an error code.

Capacity and flow rate

Because of its high-volume capacity, the Paloma 9.5 models are whole-house water heaters that are able to provide enough hot water for up to three simultaneous showers in colder regions (flow rate is 5.2 GPM when the incoming water temperature is 60 F) and even more in warmer regions (maximum flow rate is 7.6 GPM when the incoming water temperature is
40 F).

If there is a demand for more hot water, the DUOnex system can be used, which allows connection of the two units into one system. Such a system known as DUO system, gives the First Hour Rating of 525 gallons.

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paloma tankless 9.5 indoor

Paloma 9.5 water heater PH2-28RDVSN is the indoor and direct vent model that utilizes the 3x5 stainless steel concentric venting and the electric blower for the safe removal of the exhaust gases out, either horizontally or vertically.paloma 9.5 outdoor

PH2-28ROFN model is the outdoor model that does not require any venting (it uses the flue terminal), and it must not be installed indoor or in an enclosure. Remote control is also supplied with the outdoor models but must not be installed outdoor.

Features and Benefits

Paloma 9.5 tankless  water heaters, as other Paloma models, are equipped with the exclusive sensing burner and ICAD safety system that optimize the combustion and protect the user if there is an increased level of CO.

And if the water heater fails to heat the water, the self-diagnostic program will register it, and the error code will display on the LED screen of the remote control.

These units are very safe as they are designed with several features, which protect against scalding, carbon monoxide leak, fire (thanks to the Overheat Limiter Wrap), anti boil and freezing. The freeze protection system uses the electric heater to prevent freezing inside the water heater, only if the temperature does not drop below 30 F.

Paloma tankless water heaters from 9.5 series come with the 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 5-year warranty on other parts.

(Pictures courtesy of Paloma)