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Paloma Tankless Water Heater NEVER really worked right

We were excited when we were able to purchase a tankless water heater (Paloma Model #RTG-74PVN-2) and being able to take showers, do laundry and dishes without having to plan to make sure everyone and thing had enough hot water.

Sadly our excitement turned to frustration and then anger when within a few days of it being installed, we kept getting error codes (11, 12, p1) and the water kept turning cold on us.

Oh once in a while one of us will actually be able to take a hot shower without having to turn the water and the thermostat on and off. We run to the utility closet and turn the thermostat off.

Wait a few minutes turn it on then run back to the shower and turn the water on. Then run back to the closet to see if there is an error or not. If not, then turn and jump in the shower. After soaping up. Water usually turns cold, and the in and out starts all over again.

After several calls, the company did send someone out. They only made it worse. That is when the blame game began. We have read just about everything on the net about problems with the Paloma tankless water heater but nothing seems to work.

After almost two years of no help from the company, we are ready to put a regular got water heater in again. At least we know we will have hot water. Just requires more planning.

We are telling everyone and anyone NOT to buy any Paloma products.

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