Polaris Water Heater Review

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Polaris water heater is the top brand name from the American water heater company with the highest energy efficiency, latest innovative design and engineering.

Polaris hot water heater is using natural gas and propane, LP gas, in both residential and commercial applications. Polaris tank unit can be used for hot water production and residential space heating through air and radiant hydronic systems.

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Selecting the right model

There are two Polaris water heaters tank sizes and seven residential gas models to choose from, ranging from 100,000 BTU to 199,000 BTU and maximum production of 255 gallons per hour. With over 95% thermal efficiency, Polaris Energy Star models are just perfect for larger homes with higher water requirements.


American Polaris tanks are long lasting and reliable as they are built from high grade stainless steel, resistant on corrosion and rust and therefore eliminating the need for anode rod protection. With such a design there is less maintenance involved, like regular rod service or replacement.

polaris water heaterPolaris water heater is FVIR or "flammable vapor ignition resistance" compliant, new revolutionary technology that helps to keep the flame inside the combustion chamber. Without FVIR, problems can arise due to improper storage or use of gasoline and other flammable liquids near gas-fired water heaters.

Inside the Polaris stainless steel tank the submerged combustion chamber with spiral flue is installed, providing even more contact surface between surrounding water and heat, resulting in higher heat transfer.

Another element with superb quality is the metal fiber burner, with excellent resistant to thermal and mechanical stress and corrosion. Burner that is located in the sealed combustion chamber works in the high-intensity blue flame mode, resulting in clean, uniform and high heat production and heat transfer.

Such great design, technology and quality of material allow Polaris to provide high energy efficiency and ultra-low standby heat-loss.

Equipped with a power direct vent system, all products of combustion, through the spiral flue, are vented out. At the same time all air for combustion is taken from the outside atmosphere.

Vent installation on Polaris hot water heaters is flexible and it requires affordable PVC or ABS plastic pipe with maximum length of 120 ft (40 m) through the roof or outside wall. These high efficient units are not certified for mobile homes.

Polaris water heater, even with high quality elements and great technology is simple system. It is very easy to install venting system, electricity and gas hook-up and set it up for proper work.

Using three externally located LED lights, Polaris hot water heater indicates the status of the unit. As the microprocessor monitors the heater operation, its self-diagnostic system sends the signal to the LED light, allowing easy troubleshooting and service.

If any repair needs to be done on Polaris models, simple removal of the front access panel allows an easy approach to the heater elements.

Safety Devices

  • Thermister temperature sensor.

  • 24-volt thermostat control.

  • Zero clearance to combustibles.

  • TPR valve factory installed to relief the system from high pressure due to water expansion.

  • Tempering valve factory provided.

  • Safety shut-off pressure switch that protects the Polaris heating system when blower fails to operate or works improperly, blockage in venting and extremely low input level.

  • Energy Cut-Off - ECO is a high temperature limit switch, used to automatically shut the heater off when hot water exceeds maximum factory set temperature.

How it works

After blower at the bottom of the Polaris water heater tank pre-purges the gas combustion chamber, the hot surface igniter is energized to fire the mixture of air and gas, delivered by the blower.

Once ignited and with minimal impurities in the combustion chamber, a blue flame is developed, covering evenly the entire burner, resulting in clean combustion and low NOx gases emission. When ignition and burner are in function the lights on the panel are on.

The blower is forcing the heat through the spiral coil out, while exchanging heat energy with water. Products of combustion are cooled, forming condensate. Because of the lower flue gases temperature you are allowed to use PVC and ABS plastic pipes on these Polaris hot water heaters. Condensate trap has to be used to collect and drain the water out through the drain line.

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