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Re; John Wood water Heater

by David
(Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)

We recently had a 30 gallon oil fired John Wood heater installed in our home...BIG MISTAKE!!!!...the unit was not even 16 hours old when, it overheated...discharged copious amounts of hot water into our basement under our flooring..causing extensive mold damage....The 1-800 number provided was absolutely useless...several days later...they still have not called us back....3 days later the installer rep showed up..identified problem as an incorrectly installed aquastat at the factory. They replaced the aquastat...and as regards to them stepping up to clean up their mess..there reply...SUE US!!!!....This was once a great Canadian Name to be relied on....Not now...In addition, the installer had difficulty with assembly of the burner because of poor manufacturing quality..We recommend that anyone consider another brand.

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