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Retired US Navy Aviation Mainteance Chief/Apt resident

by Herbert Schaefer
(Toano, VA)

I live in an apartment and there is a Ruud Gas Hot Water heater in the apartment. The model number is PH2DV50F. The unit’s manufactured date is January 2010. The unit provides hot water and also heat in the winter. There is no problem with the hot water. In fact at the VERY HOT setting the water is almost steam. However, in the winter the heat coming out of the air vents is barely luke warm. (Note at that time the setting is C or VERY HOT). I live in Williamsburg, Virginia and the winters aren’t that cold. The pump that circulates the warm air runs a whole lot during the winter and naturally this significantly increases my gas bill. I’ve spoken to the maintenance staff and they claim there is nothing wrong. Please tell me where I can get some information on how this type of heating system works. I would like to know how the hot water is used to produce heat, i.e. does the hot water from the Ruud unit somehow circulate to a heating element and then does a fan somehow circulate the air through the heating/AC vents in the apartment. Something with a block diagram/drawing would be real nice. Thank you. Sincerely, H.M. Schaefer

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