Rheem 40 gallon Electric Water Heater

Rheem 83VR40-2 High Efficiency Electric Water Heater, 40 Gallon

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Rheem 40 gallon electric water heater expert review. Explore Rheem 83VR40-2 as the high efficiency residential heater from Fury series, its top features, specs, your benefits...

Top Features

Rheem 40 gallon electric water heater 82VR40-2 High EfficiencyRheem 40 gallon electric water heater, model 83VR40-2 is the high efficiency unit, equipped with several great features.

Self-Cleaning system, called EverKleen is Rheem's patented advanced feature found not only on this 40 gallon model, but also on all other electric water heaters from Fury series. EverKleen system protects your electric water heater from the sediment build-up even where the hard water is an issue.

Dip tube, as part of this system creates a turbulent, high speed water stream to fight the mineral build-up inside the heater's tank. This is what helps Rheem 83VR40-2 in the operating efficiency and improves the tank life.

High efficiency resistored heating elements, both upper and lower, are long lasting that can provide efficient electric water heating... the result is the energy efficiency or EF 0.95. Effectively insulated tank also helps in high energy efficiency as it reduces heat loss through the heater.

Rheem 40 gallon electric water heater, model 83VR40-2 is designed with elements that provide you better protection; magnesium R-Tech anode rod is used to reduce the aggressive water action; TPR valve is factory supplied to protect from the excessively high pressure and temperature inside the tank.

Automatic thermostats are part of the heating elements to keep water at a desired temperature. They are surface mounted located behind the jacket access panel, and they are adjustable. Another safety element in a case of the high temperature is the over-temperature protector which automatically shuts the heater down.

If for any reason temperature of water becomes too high, ECO switch reacts, and the electric power is cut to the heating element. By pressing the red reset button you can reset this safety element.

If you are planning to buy Rheem 40 gallon electric water, I recommend model 83VR40-2. The reason why I recommend this model is because it is the high efficiency model that performs pretty well, lowers the operating cost, and is compliant with many electric incentive programs. Amazon.com sells it for approximately $612, reduced from $832... looks like a good deal. Model 83VR40-2 comes with the six-years warranty, but it can be extended to ten years.

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  • Rheem 83VR40-2 with the height of approximately 46-3\4" is defined as tall model.

  • With the energy factor of 0.95 this unit is high efficiency... it saves on energy and your bills.

  • Recovery rate is 21 GPH at 90 F rise which is common for all models and sizes from Fury series.

  • First hour delivery is 56 gallons per hour.

  • High altitude compliant - it can be used up to 10,200 feet above sea level.


Rheem 40 gallon electric water heater, model 83VR40-2 is the money saver. It is designed as high efficient, that provides convenient and dependable water heating, has advanced features that guarantee high performance. These benefits with lower operating costs and compliance with many utility incentive programs makes 83VR40-2 a good buy.

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