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As with other big manufacturers of water heating equipment, there is a wide selection of Rheem electric water heater models available for you to buy, either from online stores like Amazon, hardware chain stores (i.e. Home Depot) or Rheem dealers.


Rheem electric hot water heaters have immersion heating elements so all the produced heat goes on heating the water. This is how energy efficiency of the Rheem's electric units is very high - above 90%. In order to provide the higher energy efficiency, Rheem designs models in a way to retain the temperature of the hot water longer while reducing the stand-by heat loss.

Electric models, like gas water heaters, are equipped with the high quality component parts, some of them patented by Rheem.

Lifeguard electric element, for example, is the premium low-watt heating element so it can provide more heating power by eliminating high heat concentration, therefore, prolonging the element's life. Incoloy stainless steel sheath is resistant on aggressive water action and burn-out.

With the advanced features in mind, recommendation is to buy high efficiency Rheem electric water heater as it can lower the operating costs, and is eligible for many incentive programs, but not government grants for Energy Star units.

Rheem warranty varies from model to model, and if for certain water heater, warranty is too short, you can always buy additional years through the ProtectionPlus program (where applicable).


There are several Rheem electric water heater series that we will review here, designed for residential hot water production, which are different in size and application:

Marathon Series

rheem marathon water heater

Rheem - Marathon MR50245 - 50 Gal. Capacity

Marathon Rheem electric water heater models are designed as the standard tank type and point of use models. Both residential series are providing an amazing life time limited warranty on the tank and 6 years on the Rheem replacement parts. If used for light duty commercial applications you can expect a warranty of 10 years on the tank.

What allows Rheem such a great incentive for its customers is the quality of the Marathon Rheem hot water tanks, constructed from the non corrosive material and design that reduces the sediment buildup.

Seamless, blow-molded, polybutene tank is resistant on the rust and corrosion while eliminating the need for the anode rod, used to protect the metal tank from corrosion.

Special material and fiberglass multiple layer design provides strength and Polyurethane Envirofoam insulation helps this electric heater in achieving the high efficiency performance.

Marathon Rheem electric hot water heater series feature 40 and 50-gallon tall models with the great 0.94 thermal efficiency, while heavy duty 85-gallon and 105-gallon units are with EF of 0.92 and 0.91. Rheem electric 50 gallon water heater, short model has the smallest EF value of 0.90.

40 MR40245 52
50 MR50245 62
85 MR85245 78
105 MR105245 91
SHORT 50 MSR50245 104

Rheem Marathon point of use water heaters are designed for installation in places with a limited space. They are great for uses in the apartments, condo's, cabins, offices or lavatories. Three models are available with capacities of 15 and 20 gallons.

15 MR15120 2000
20 MR20120 2000
20 MR20230 3000

rheem electric water heater

Rheem Electric Water Heater, 50 Gallon

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Fury Series

Rheem electric water heater models from Fury series offer the widest selection. Depending on the unit height and the efficiency, you can find five categories: tall, tall high efficiency, medium, medium high efficiency and short units, covering applications from small apartments to large houses, with a capacity range from 20 to 120 gallons.

Rheem electric water heater Fury models are equipped with the EverKleen self-cleaning system that allows them to fight the sediment build-up, maximizing the output and reducing the energy costs. Maximum first hour rating is for Rheem 82v120-2 tall model, 99 gph, while recovery rate is the same for all models, 21 gph at 90 F temperature rise.

High efficient, or HE short, tall models with 40 and 50-gallon capacity are designed with the energy efficiency of 0.95. These are the units that will supply enough hot water for up to 6 people.

Heating elements are resistored for the high performance and durability by protecting the anode rod and steel tank.


40 83VR40-2
56 0.95
50 83VR52-2 67 0.95
65 8.VR66-2 71 0.92
80 83VR80-2 88 0.92
MED. (HE) 50 83MVR52-2 62 0.93
30 82V30-2 48 0.93
40 82V40-2 53 0.92
40 82VH40-2 57 0.92
50 82V52-2 67 0.91
65 82V66-2 71 0.89
80 82V80-2 88 0.86
120 82V120-2 99 0.85
MED. 30 82NV30-2 44 0.93
50 82MV52-2 62 0.9
SHORT 20 82SV20-2 - N/A
30 81SVB30-2 42 0.93
30 82SV30-2 42 0.93
38 82SV40-2 45 0.92
38 82SVB40-2 45 0.93
47 82S50-2 55 0.91

Warrior Series

Warrior models from Rheem electric water heater group are constructed for the manufactured housing. All four models are tall, with the 20, 30, 40 and 50 gallon tank size and with the warranty of five years for the tank and one for Rheem parts.

Even with such a short warranty, Warrior models still have some quality elements like other more superior models. These are Lifeguard stainless steel high efficiency heating element, Rheemglas porcelain enamel tank lining, anode rod and high energy efficiency of 0.91, 0.92 and 0.93.

3500 W
20 72V20-1 - N/A
30 72V30-2 41 0.93
40 72V40-2 47 0.93
50 72V52-2 51 0.91

Imperial Series

Imperial models are high efficiency water heaters with high recovery rate, making them suitable for residential high volume applications. This is what makes them eligible for many electric utility incentive programs.

They are also equipped with the EverKleen self cleaning system, Lifeguard high efficiency stainless steel heating elements and premium grade anode rod, for even better protection against aggressive water action.

All five models, divided in two groups, tall and medium, are from 40-gallon to 80-gallon capacity, and have the energy efficiency 0.92 or above.

TALL 40 83XR40-2 55 0.95
50 83XR52-2 67 0.95
65 83XR66-2 71 0.92
80 83XR80-2 88 0.92
MED. 50 83MXR52-2 63 0.93

Indirect Series

Indirect series features indirect coil tank heaters where the heat is transferred from water to water by circulating the hot water from the boiler through the coil inside the tank. Indirect models provide cost effective heating when combined with the space heating.

Rheem indirect electric water heaters are made of the high quality elements, including the tank's heavy duty gauge steel, sediment reduction inlet, porcelain enamel, two heavy duty anode rods and factory installed dielectric nipples.

All five models from 30 to 110 gallons come with the limited lifetime warranty for residential use and three for non-residential.

Professional Series

Professional Rheem electric water heater models are constructed in three sizes; short, medium and tall, providing capacities from 30 to 80 gallons and energy efficiency from 0.91 up to 0.94.

Thanks to the extended warranty you can buy models with 6, 8, 10 and 12 year warranty.

40 RHE PRO40-2 56 0.95
40 RHEH PRO40-2 57 0.92
50 RHE PRO52-2 67 0.95
65 RHE PRO66-2 71 0.92
80 RHE PRO80-2 88 0.92
MED. 30 RHEM PRO30-2 44 0.93
50 RHEM PRO52-2 62 0.93
SHORT 30 RHES PRO30-2 42 0.93
38 RHES PRO40-2 46 0.92
47 RHES PRO50-2 55 0.91

Where to buy Rheem electric water heaters

You can purchase Rheem electric water heater online, and my recommendation is to check out the online store Amazon.com as it carries millions of products and has great selection of water heaters and plumbing equipment, with an amazing deals.

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