Rheem Gas Water Heaters

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Rheem gas water heaters review of the tank and tankless type for the efficient residential hot water heating. Check out different models; including the ultra-low NOx, condensing, tankless and Energy Star models with the high energy efficiency.

Review of Rheem gas water heaters

rheem gas water heater with direct venting

Rheem gas water heaters, both tank and tankless and powered by natural gas or propane gas, are divided into three groups and that includes the Professional line, Performance line (available in US only) and the Specialty line. 

The tank type group of heaters provides a large volume of hot water stored in the tanks with the maximum capacity of 120 gallons, while tankless provide the environment friendly and on-demand hot water with an endless supply.

Professional line

A group of Rheem gas water heaters that are designed with the high grade elements that provide reliable and durable work, for almost any residential application, is available with the conventional water storage tanks and tankless technology.

All the tankless and one power vent condensing tank-type water heater from the Professional line are coming from the Prestige series, while the Classic and Classic Plus series are made of the atmospheric, direct, power and power-direct vent models, and these utilize the storage tank option only.

Prestige tankless water heaters

The Prestige line of tankless water heaters is designed as the non-condensing and ultra-efficient condensing models, both groups Energy Star approved, where those with the condensing technology have the highest energy savings. The detail review of the Rheem tankless water heaters can be found here.

Prestige power direct vent

The best of the power direct vent models are the Prestige high efficiency and condensing models that come with the maximum energy factor of 0.82 which is approximately 20% more than the standard type. The high quality elements include the silicon nitride igniter, dual anode rod for better protection against rust, submerged helical coil-type heat exchanger, Eco-friendly burner and self diagnostic system.

Classic Plus line

Review of the atmospheric vent group

The atmospheric-vent water heaters are found in many types and sizes, and are used mostly for the whole-house and manufactured housing water heating. The recommended models are those that are coming from the powered damper series due to the high energy factors of 0.67 and 0.68, lower heat loss and Energy Star compliance. Other recommended models include the heavy duty anode rod, induced draft and low NOx models, as these provide the higher capacity, faster recovery, great first hour rating or reduced emission. Good example is the Induced Draft model 43V30-60 that comes with the 29-gal capacity and high FHR and recovery rating, including the energy factor.

Review of the power vent group

Power vent groups from the Classic Plus line are found in two groups; the heavy duty models, with up to 75-gal capacity, but lower efficiency and the second group with the most popular sizes of 40 and 50 gallons and decent 0.67 energy factor.

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Classic group

The Classic group has the most models, and as the Classic Plus, consists of the models with the four different installation options. The best model from the Classic group is the power direct vent model that comes with the induced draft system, which allows 40 and 50-gal models Energy Star compliance and great energy savings. This is the low NOx model that includes the best of Rheem; self-diagnostic system, new quiet blower, EverKleen system and long vent pipes.

Performance line

As said before, the Performance line (which includes the Platinum, Plus and standard series) is designed for US customer only.The Performance line offers a variety of types and sizes; from manufactured housing to the high efficiency, high demand and low NOx models. It does not offer tankless models, but includes top models such as the XR90 Induced Draft model from the Platinum series that has smaller capacity and foot print, but very high first hour delivery of 90 GPH, recovery rate of 61 GPH and energy factor of 0.7.

Specialty line

The Specialty line of Rheem gas water heaters comes with one tank-type and several indoor direct vent and outdoor tankless models, all known as EcoSense series. The tank-type unit is the high-efficient condensing model that utilizes the power direct venting system with lengths up to 60 feet. Tankless consist of the mid-efficiency group with the energy factor of 0.82, and the condensing line with the efficiency of over 0.9. All models are factory set to use natural gas and have an option for liquid propane conversion.

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