Rheem Hot Water Heater
PowerVent models

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Rheem hot water heater - PowerVent series, offers a variety of models and capacity range, for residential gas water heating and commercial applications.

PowerVent models from Rheem are induced draft hot water heaters, providing an easy and flexible installation, where you can run vents up to 100 ft (33 m).

Tip: When searching for the right hot water heater, and if your family size has 3 or 4 members, water heating units with the capacity of 40 gallons will provide enough hot water for showers and kitchen application.

Rheem hot water heater, PowerVent series are equipped with several safety features, making these units more reliable and safe for your home. Guardian System provides a double protection system, where it shuts-off air and gas supply if the incident occurs, preventing further combustion / fire.

Another safety system Rheem includes in PowerVent models is Flammable Vapor Detection Sensor that is used to stop the hot water heater from running in the presence of accumulated flammable vapor in the combustion chamber.

rheem hot water heater powervent

Rheem 42VP50FW

Rheem PowerVent gas water heaters are equipped with the money saving and long lasting features also. These units are maintenance free, since there is no filter to clean. Everkleen system is the patented system that fights the sediments that are built up at the bottom of the storage tank during months of work.

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And for easy troubleshooting and repairs, Rheem has installed self diagnostic system.

High quality magnesium anode is there to protect the tank from corrosion and units are equipped with specially designed gas burners that are environmentally friendly with low NOx emission.

Energy Star qualified PowerVent models are 40, 50 and 60 gallon water heaters and they offer low cost and high efficiency performance, but unfortunately, they are not eligible for federal tax credits.

Rheem hot water heater - All PowerVent models warranty:

  • PowerVent tank warranty - 6 years

  • PowerVent water heater replacement parts - 6 years

  • You can extend 6-year limited tank warranty to 10 years with ProtectionPlus plan.

PowerVent series

Gas water heaters from PowerVent series are available in the tall size, with capacity range from 40 to 74 gallons, energy factors from 0.57 to 0.64, and BTU gas input from 40 000 to 75 000; short models with capacities 40 and 50 gallons, EF 0.62 and 0.64 and 36 000 BTU gas input for both models.

Tall gas models are high altitude compliant, for applications up to 7700 ft or 2.5 km above sea level.

When installing Rheem PowerVent models maximum and minimum vent lengths should be followed, and of course according to the regulations and codes.

With flexible venting options and thanks to the upgraded blower, you can run vents up to 100 feet, using PVC, ABS pipes, installing it either vertically or horizontally.

PowerVent Heavy-Duty

PowerVent heavy duty water heaters are mainly for high volume applications as they feature 60 and 75-gallon tanks. They are also high efficiency with the induced draft venting system, providing an easy and flexible installation.

They are equipped with many safety features, gas saving elements and system that helps in troubleshooting and diagnostics. These elements are Guardian System, anti-corrosion anode rods, self-diagnostic system and electronic ignition.

Power Direct Vent

Rheem Power direct vent features 40 and 50-gallon tall size water heaters. Power direct vent advantage is the unit availability to draw the combustion air from the outside.

This Power direct vent allows longer venting pipes, enhancing installation and replacement flexibility. The flue gases are vented out with the built-in blower.

Rheem hot water heater models utilizing natural gas and propane or LP gas are different models, and they will not function properly and securely if you just change the fuel type.

To avoid injury or water heater malfunction used fuel type should be in accordance with the unit data plate, if it says natural gas, this is what you should use and nothing else.

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