Rheem Hot Water Tank

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Rheem hot water tank is mainly built for commercial applications where large quantity of hot water is required in a short period of time.


There are three available Rheem water tank models that are working good in combination with Rheem or Ruud commercial water heating elements:

  • Commercial Storage Tank Series

  • Large Volume Storage Tank Series

  • "Stubby" Storage Tank Series

Commercial Storage Tank Series

Rheem hot water tank from Commercial series offers three models ST80A, ST120A and ST175A, with water capacities of 80, 115 and 175 gallons. ASME option for high safety hot water applications is also available. Such a big water tanks can provide lots of hot water and they can be installed individually or in parallel manifold for even more hot water demand.

Rheem water tanks are constructed from the quality steel where inner tank surface is covered with two coats of porcelain enamel (residential water heater have only one coat). Double corrosion resistant coating with two heavy duty anode rod allows longer tank life.

Commercial series is equipped with the 2" thick foam insulation which provides higher tank efficiency and durability on the outer tank jacket.

Tanks from this series are using the standard water connection of 2" NPT while model ST175A size 2.5".

T&P relief valve has to be ordered separately (it has to be installed), and the size is based on the hot water tank Btu.

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Large Volume Series

Rheem hot water tank can also be used for much higher water volumes than previous series. These tanks belong to the Large Volume series with several models and sizes available, from 200 to 950 gallons, stand alone or connected in parallel.

When comparing to the previous series, all the models here, from Large Volume series are certified to ASME boiler and pressure vessel code standards.

Also, they have only one layer of high temperature porcelain coating and one or more heavy duty magnesium anode rods.

Plumbing connection for the incoming potable cold water on all models is 3" (2.5" for 200-gallon model) and 2" for hot water.

Rheem Hot Water Tank - "Stubby" Series

Rheem hot water tank from "Stubby" Series, ST100, is designed in 100 gallon capacity size only. With the height of 46", this model is short model, and it is great for sites where installation requires flexibility. ST100 model has two porcelain enamel coating and tripple magnesium anode protection against the aggresive water action.

As the previous two series, "Stubby" Rheem hot water tank is energy efficiency unit, with 2" thick foam insulation, making the unit to meet or exceed ASHRAE standards, for thermal efficiency and standby heat loss.

ST100 uses the 2" NPT fittings for both cold and hot water connections. T&P relief valve has to be purchased separately.


Rheem manufacturer for the above commercial and high volume residential hot water tanks, offers 5-year tank warranty against the tank leak and one year on the parts.

(Photo credit to Rheem)

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