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Rheem PV 50 Igniter Glows, no Combustion

by Lonny Beck
(Chardon Ohio)

I have a 2010 Rheem 50 gallon PV tank. (42vp50fw) and for some time, it was going in to lockout (three tries and you're out)

I have:
Cleaned air intake
changed FVS and ignitor/sensor unit.
Verified gas and power.
cont test on wiring harness (from the molex connector on top and to the control unit)
Verified ground
Distance for flame sensor and ignitor and ceramic all look good (on the old one before replacing and I did steel wool it a little)
Verified the glass thing is not broken for air intake (I forget the name of that piece, sorry)
reset control unit.

What happens, on power up. fan starts, a few seconds later the ignitor glows. after a few seconds a click, a few more seconds, the ignitor goes out. I have smelled a little gas. very little.

Then cycles two more times and then the lockout code on the front.

Any suggestions on this one?
Thanks, Lonny

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