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Rheem tankless water heater - Error Code 7

My keypad kept giving me the error code 7 and 11. So I look it up online to see what information i would find.

The information that work was this one that said to look for a clear see through tube coming down from the top part of the tank. The tube also has a wire inside of it. Unplugg the bottom of the tube to wear it is connected to. check to see if it has any water inside of it an if it does point the end of the tube straight down to pour out any water inside the tube. Dry the tube as much as you can connect the tube back to its location.

The problem should be fix. Well I did as it recommended and it did fix the problem. But didn't solve it for good. It keeps giving me the same code so i have to be doing the same procedure for my tank to work. My tank is in my attic and I'm tired of going up in the attic every morning and nights to get hot water. Help why is this happening. It never did this before

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