Rheem Water Heater
Warrior models

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Rheem water heater, Warrior gas series, with a variety of models and capacity range, are specifically designed for manufactured housing or mobile home installation.

When installing Warrior Rheem water heater model, keep in mind that safety and manufactured home construction standards must be followed.

Warrior models have to be installed within the enclosed space to separate the combustion and venting of the installed water heater from the interior of your mobile home. No door or openings are allowed on such enclosure that is facing inside of the home.

All the flue gases have to be discharged outside through the venting kit and fresh air has to be obtained from the outdoor, not inside the home.

Like all other Rheem water heater units, Warrior models for mobile homes come with the Guardian System, a double air/gas shut-off device, environment friendly burner with low NOx emission and specially designed flame arrestor to prevent any flame or burning outside the combustion chamber.


  • Rheemglas fights corrosion and prolongs tank life, thanks to the specially designed tank with the porcelain enamel lining system.

  • R-Foam is the Rheem's patented insulation process to increase energy efficiency by providing quality heat retention.

  • All Warrior models use very simple way for gas ignition, piezo igniter.

  • Anode rod to fight the aggressive water action and protect the tank.

  • Rheem Warrior models are maintenance free, there are no filters.

  • TPR valve is factory installed.

  • Draft diverter provides efficient hot water heating with down-draft protection.

  • Very easy installation to the home plumbing.

  • Easy conversion from natural gas to LP or propane gas.

Note: Flue gases have to be discharged outside via venting kit. Roof jack has to be purchased separately. No other manufacturers' or homemade venting kits are approved for Rheem water heaters.

If you are planning to reduce the standby heat loss on your Rheem hot water heater, by installing the insulated blanket, no need. These hot water heaters are already designed and built to meet all necessary requirements.

Atmospheric Vent

rheem water heater warriorWarrior gas series water heaters can be found with capacities of 30, 40 and 50 gallons, with one and five years limited tank warranty and one year for replacement parts.

All Warrior models with an atmospheric vent are tall size, with the gas input from 32 000 to 38 000 BTU and energy factors from 0.58 to 0.61. These models are certified for the altitudes up to 6000 ft, or 2 km above the sea.

Warrior gas models cannot operate without sufficient air distribution, so optional air inlet and leg enclosure are provided for that purpose. Suggestion is to provide an opening with a metal mesh on the enclosure door so it can be freely supplied with fresh air from outside.

Warrior DV - Direct Vent

Warrior direct vent water heaters, such as Rheem 21VR30DV, are equipped with a venting system so no external vented door is required. The flue gases are expelled outside and the fresh air for gas combustion comes from the outside of the manufactured home.

As it can be placed anywhere in your home, and thanks to the adjustable Roof Jack Vent and direct combustion air inlet under the floor, Warrior DV models provide flexibility for installation and use.

Available models are in 30, 40 and 50 gallons capacity, with the gas input from 30 000 to 32 000 BTU, energy factor from 0.58 to 0.61, and warranty of one and five years for tank and one year for replacement parts.

Warrior DVX Vertical Co-Axial Direct Vent

Warrior DVX is another series of Rheem gas water heaters for use in manufactured homes, with no need for external vented door and cutting a hole in the floor, like with Warrior Direct Vent models.

Available Warrior DVX models are in 40 and 50 gallons capacity range, with the gas input of 36 000 BTU for natural gas and 30 000 / 32 000 BTU for propane gas, energy factor 0.58/0.59 and warranty of one and five years for tank and one year for replacement parts.

Warrior DVX water heaters are certified for applications up to 7700 ft or 2.5 km above sea level.

The gas vent Roof Jack assembly is a telescopic connection vent pipe with three sections that has to be pre-adjusted prior to final installation of the Roof Jack and it is supplied with Roof Jack when you purchase it.

Conversion Natural Gas - Propane / LP

If your Rheem hot water heater is using a natural gas as a fuel source, and if planning to do conversion to propane gas (LP), the conversion kit should be done by a qualified installer or HVAC technician.

Note: Rheem water heater is factory set to burn natural gas.

Conversion kit for propane gas is usually provided with the water heater. Natural gas burner orifice has to be replaced with a stamped LP orifice, from conversion kit bag and pilot burner regulator setting has to be changed to LP.


If you are the owner of a manufactured housing or mobile home, and prefer Rheem manufacturer, Warrior series is what you should look for. Based on your installation options, buy a water heater from a Rheem Warrior series; DV as direct vent, DVX as vertical co-axial direct vent or standard atmosherically vent model. Price is in a range from $680 to $1100, and maximum warranty up to five years.

(Photo credit to Rheem)