Rheem Water Heaters Review

Rheem water heaters, which includes gas, electric, solar and heat pumps, are part of the Rheem Ruud HVAC group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of central heating and cooling products used in residential and commercial applications. This review explores the popular series, models, its main features and comparison tables.

Rheem Manufacturing Company was established back in 1920, and hot water heaters were one of their first products.

The company bought Ruud Manufacturing Company, who built the first automatic, storage tank-type gas water heater.

Today, Rheem and Ruud water heaters are well-known brands and the company is popular North American manufacturer in providing complete heating solutions.

Rheem is now totally owned subsidiary of Paloma Industries, the world's largest producer of gas appliances, situated in Japan.

Consumer Reports and Reviews

rheem water heaters

Rheem water heaters company carries variety of models and types. You can find a wide selection of gas-powered models, electric and solar, heat pumps, storage tank and tankless type. Only few of the tank-type models are high efficiency while all of the tankless water heaters are high efficient and Energy Star recognized.

According to J.D. Power and Associates...Rheem ranks second highest, in satisfying subcontractors, where warranty and repair service are among the main factors in customer satisfaction.

Which water heater to choose?

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A review of Rheem water heaters


There are four groups available from gas-powered water heaters; Prestige with high efficiency and condensing models; Classic and Classic Plus series as the most extensive group with variety of sizes, power ranges and venting options, and Legacy that is similar to the mentioned groups and it includes popular Warrior, Fury and Professional series.

Electric type

Rheem electric water heaters are found in several groups also; Classic and Classic Plus, Marathon, Table Top and Legacy series, either as the conventional tank-type or small point-of-use models. Rheem is well known for the design of quality Marathon water heaters that come with the lifetime warranty, and its high efficient heat pumps. As the above gas-powered models, Legacy series also includes the popular Fury, Warrior and Professional series.

Solar type

Rheem solar water heaters are designed as the SolPak active systems and Solaraide passive system, all using the popular Rheem water storage tanks with the electric backup system.


Rheem tankless water heater are designed as the gas or electric-powered models for point-of-use or whole-house water heating. Rheem gas tankless models are found as the Prestige condensing models and Mid-efficiency non-condensing models. Both groups offer models that are designed for indoor or outdoor installation, using natural and propane gas. All models are high efficiency where the energy factor is 0.82 and higher and on demand water flow rate between 5.3 to high 9.5 GPM.

Best selling gas tankless from Rheem

Below is the list of the best Rheem gas water heaters that are using the tank-less technology, technology where the water is heated only on demand and with the endless supply.

Rheem RTG-53PVP as the indoor tankless water heater is the energy efficient unit that supplies one and two bathroom homes with hot water. Rheem RTG-53PV model has a self diagnostic program, great for troubleshooting, built-in electric blower to force gases out. Energy factor (measures overall efficiency) is 0.82.

Rheem RTG-74DV indoor and direct vent tankless water heater is for three bathroom homes. It has Intelligent electronic controls designed to increase energy efficiency and safety. Energy factor - EF is 0.82.

Rheem RTG-74X outdoor model is for three bathroom homes. For easy control digital display shows temperature settings and maintenance codes. Energy factor is 0.82.

Rheem RTG-66DVN is the whole house, direct vent and indoor model that uses both natural gas and propane (LP) gas. Guardian sensing burner technology and Guardian overheat film wrap are Rheem's patented features improving the performance. EF is 0.82.

Summary of Rheem tankless water heaters consumer reviews:


The highest consumer satisfaction is that they have an endless hot water, works quickly, have easy and precise controls, small and compact size, energy efficient, savings on energy bill. Some consumers like the idea of using the green technology.


Water heater is expensive, lack of tech support for some users, some extra waiting time for hot water (when comparing with tank type), expensive exhaust, requires lots of fresh air (careful if putting in the basement with furnace), low water flow doesn't activate the unit (for kitchen sink), tough to install in some cases.

Average rating: 4 stars (from 5 max.)

Having a problem with your Rheem tankless... check out the error code chart here.

Best selling Rheem storage tank

Rheem water heaters 50G from Fury series, features Guardian system with double protection and is maintenance free. This tank type heater is designed for low NOx emissions.

Rheem water heater 42VP40FW from Power-Vent group feature a protective control system that disables the heater in the presence of flammable vapor and self diagnostic system.

Top Rated

From the top rated and the best selling Rheem electric water heater models, Marathon is the most popular.

Rheem MR50245 - Marathon electric water heater 50 gallon capacity comes with a lifetime limited tank warranty and 6 year parts warranty. Thanks to the patented anode rods, the life of the water heater is longer, without being sensitive on different water conditions. It has the high energy factor, 0.90.

Rheem 83VR52 is a tall storage tank electric heater, 50 Gal. capacity. Fury models are high efficiency models with the highest energy factor available, 0.94 and lower operating costs. Fury models feature self cleaning device, over-temperature protector and insulation that reduce a heat loss.

Rheem MR20230 Marathon is the point-of-use electric heater with the capacity of 20 Gal. of hot water. Rheem-Marathon models are the most energy efficient in its class. Point-of-use models are great for condos, apartments, camps and cabins.

Rheem water heaters, 81VP10S models are point of use units with 10 gallon capacity, ideal for installation in limited spaces. Great for trailers, camp houses, mobile homes. It is a reliable and high efficiency water heater with over-temperature protector.

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