Richmond Tankless Water Heater Review

Richmond tankless water heater is represented by the Encore on demand series, designed for residential water heating that offers some great innovative features. Richmond tankless article reviews and covers all the important features and models.

Feature Review

richmond tankless water heaterEvery Richmond tankless water heater was built to provide an endless and on demand hot water, utilizing the high-end technology. All Richmond tankless models are small and compact in size, and since they are wall mounted, they are great for installations where the space is an issue.

With the energy factor of 0.82, all Richmond tankless models are Energy Star qualified, therefore, eligible for government grants and utility rebates.

Exclusively made by Rheem and applied for Richmond tankless water heaters are Guardian SBT sensing burner technology, Guardian OFW overheat film wrap, oxygen depletion sensor and the feature that allows high-altitude installations (up to 9840 ft).

Richmond on demand water heaters are equipped with the Low NOx burners which allow them to emit less pollution during the gas combustion; which is making them eco-friendly and "green."

Every Richmond model is electronically controlled with the digital display for precise temperature control and self-diagnostic, great for maintenance and troubleshooting. Temperature of the outgoing hot water is factory set on 120 F, but using the remote control you can easily set it in the range from 100 to 140 F max for the most models and from 85 F to 140 F for RMTG-66 series.

EZ-Link cable allows more hot water production, by linking two Richmond tankless water heaters into one system. For high demanding applications there is also an option to link up to 20 units by using the manifold control assembly.

Remote digital display thermostat UMC-117 is included in the package for all tankless models and provides a convenient way to set and control the temperature of your hot water.

For the indoor installations, Richmond manufacturer for venting pipe requires the Category III stainless steel and the units with the built-in electric blower can vent horizontally or vertically.

All the water and gas connections are using the standard 3/4" NPT size.

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Model Review

Richmond gas on demand water heaters are designed to supply hot water to homes with only one bath, multiple bath homes, and even for very high demand application like oversize tubs.

Richmond tankless water heater, RMTG-53 series with the flow of 5.3 gpm (at 45 F) is ideal for small hot water applications. RMTG-53 series includes an outdoor RMTG-53X, indoor power vent RMTG-53PV and direct vent RMTG-53DV model; all of them using natural or propane gas. Gas input is in the range from 21,600 to 145,000 Btu/hr for all models.

Richmond tankless water heater, RMTG-66 series provides maximum of 6.6 gpm, and is ideal for residential water heating with 2-3 bathrooms. RMTG-66DV is built only as an indoor direct vent model and RMTG-66XN is an outdoor model, using natural or propane gas. Gas input is in the range from 11,000 to 180,000 Btu/hr for all models.

RMTG-74 series with the 7.4 gpm (at 45 F) is designed for larger homes, homes with 3 bathrooms. RMTG-74 series includes outdoor RMTG-74X, indoor power vent RMTG-74PV and direct vent RMTG-74DV models that can use natural or propane gas. Gas input is in the range from 19,000 to 199,000 Btu/hr for all models.


Richmond provides 12-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger, 5 on the parts and 1 year on labor. Richmond tankless water heater when correctly selected provides a steady and sufficient supply of hot water as long as you need it. High quality is guaranteed as it is using the latest technology developed by well-known Rheem manufacturer, its parent company.

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