Rinnai Gas Water Heater Review

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Rinnai gas water heater models R50LSi, R63LSe and V53e are residential and commercial tankless units designed to deliver endless and almost instant hot water for up to three bathroom or plumbing outlets, using natural gas or propane (LP) gas.

R50LSi and R63LSe Review

rinnai gas water heater

Rinnai gas water heaters R50LSi and R63LSe are working on demand and fast, right after you open the hot water tap. They deliver up to 5 and 6.3 gallons per minute, which is enough hot water for up to three applications.

If there is a demand for even more hot water, EZConnect feature is available for R50LSi models, and with a simple cord you can combine two units and gain even more power and capacity.

To manifold two to five R63LSe Rinnai gas heaters use Rinnai pressure activation valves, PVA, to provide a stable water temperature and make units work more efficiently.

MC-91-1 digital controller with error code indicator is the standard equipment for almost all Rinnai tankless hot water heaters, giving you freedom to precisely control and adjust the temperature and troubleshoot by using the error codes display.

Rinnai R50LSi

Rinnai gas water heater R50LSi with the energy factor of 0.82 and maximum gas rate of 150,000 BTU is the Energy Star and high efficient unit, and therefore qualified for government tax credits and rebates.

R50LSi models are also direct vent with forced combustion where proper venting has to be provided. With good venting they can be installed almost anywhere in your house. The best is close to the actual point of use application, as the hot water supply line is shorter, making the wait time shorter and heat loss reduced.

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Rinnai R63LSe

Rinnai gas water heater R63LSe has the energy factor of 0.81 for both gas types and maximum gas rate of 150,000 BTU (R63LSe EF value is the smallest of all Rinnai tankless water heaters).

R63LSe models, when used in commercial applications can heat the water up to 160 F but it requires an MCC-91 commercial controller, which you have to buy separately.

When you buy Rinnai R63LSe you don't have to spend more money on Rinnai vent kits, as they do not require venting, they are outdoor units and can be installed easily on the exterior wall.

These exterior water heaters are ideal if you are remodeling your home, and want to get rid of the old tank type water heater. You can use the extra valuable space that your tank occupied for something else.

V53e Review

Rinnai V53e Gas Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai gas water heater V53e model is another exterior unit that can be installed on the outside wall and requires no additional venting or protection, so you don't have to worry about possible gas leak, venting system installation, flue gases, water leaking or freezing.

Even hanging outside they are still able to provide sufficient hot water for up to two bathrooms or shower and kitchen sink at the same time, with a consistent and safe temperature for residential applications.

Max gas input for propane and natural gas is 120,000 BTU; energy factor is 0.82 and water delivery of 5.3 gallons per minute. The optimum temperature is factory pre-set on 120 F, great feature for kids in providing scalding protection and maximum energy savings for you, but it can be changed up to 140 F.

Rinnai gas water heater V53e model still provides the decent warranty on heat exchangers, 10 years. And often standard equipment, MC-91-1 remote control is not included, it is optional feature; error codes are displayed on front panel LED indicator.

Safety features

  • Boiling and overheat protection - if the hot water exceeds the pre-determined temperature, the unit will automatically shut down.

  • Combustion fan RPM check

  • Flame rod in a case of flame failure shuts the heater automatically.

  • Remaining flame (OHS)

  • Thermal fuse will break and shuts-off the appliance if the overheat system does not prevent the temperature from rising.

  • Over current protection with glass fuse - when the fuse blows all indicator lamps will be off.

  • Automatic freeze protection (warranty does not cover water heater and parts damage, due to freezing).

  • An auto drain down solenoid valves for freeze protection can be used as back-up when normal freeze protection is disabled. This is not standard equipment, and has to be purchased separately.

  • Min and max pressure system protects unit from lack of water in the and high pressure in plumbing.

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