Rinnai Hot Water Heater
R94LS models

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Rinnai hot water heater R94LS models, LSi and LSe, are powerful, high efficient water heating units, designed for large houses, supplying up to five plumbing and hot water applications simultaneously, with 9.4 gallons per minute and incredible 199 000 BTU per hour.

Both Rinnai R94LS models are whole house tankless units delivering enough hot water for kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, small spa; commercial site, like restaurants, schools using both natural gas and propane - LP gas.

rinnai hot water heater r94lsi

With the modern and compact design you can put them anywhere inside your home (interior models), on the wall, and still save lots of space when comparing them to the storage tank type water heaters.

Both indoor and outdoor models are energy efficient units, providing energy savings and lower gas bills up to 40%.


Rinnai hot water heater is performing more efficiently than standard gas or electric water heating units, and with superior design and reliable green technology, is producing less greenhouse gases NOx and CO2 to ensure greener and healthier environment.

Rinnai tankless hot water heaters are also equipped with high percentage of recyclable parts, majority of them are replaceable and with long life performance of 20 years, so less waste goes to the landfills.

Copper heat exchanger is commercial grade unit, resistant on corrosion and reliable on high temperatures. Warranty on heat exchanger is 12 years, (residential use), while on other replacement parts is 5 years and 1 on labor.

Rinnai water heater R94LS is using electronic ignition to fire gas, not an energy consuming pilot light that is burning even when there is no need for hot water heating.

With a standard digital controller MC-91-1 you can set hot water temperature precisely and with an error code indicator you can diagnose and troubleshoot any problem.

For large homes, commercial building, hotels or restaurants, there is a multi-unit option available, where two Rinnai hot water heaters, R94LS can be connected by EZConnect cable, so they can provide even more hot water.

Rinnai gas heaters R94LSe and R94LSi are Energy Star qualified as the energy factor is 0.82 for both propane and natural gas use. Tax credit up to $300 and other local rebates are available. Buy it here.

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Safety systems

  • Boiling protection

  • Combustion fan RPM check

  • Flame rod in a case of flame failure

  • Remaining flame (OHS)

  • Thermal fuse

  • Over current - glass fuse

  • Automatic freeze protection (warranty does not cover water heater and parts damage, due to freezing).

  • An auto drain down solenoid valves for freeze protection can be used as back-up when normal freeze protection is disabled. This is not standard equipment, and has to be purchased separately.

  • Min and max pressure system protects unit from lack of water and high pressure in plumbing.


Rinnai hot water heater R94LSe model is an exterior unit that can be installed on the outside wall or on rooftops, and requires no additional venting or protection, so you don't have to worry about possible gas leak, venting system installation, flue gases, water leaking or freezing.

Even hanging outside they are still able to provide sufficient hot, potable and clean water, with a consistent and safe temperature, for both residential and commercial applications.

If you decide to buy Rinnai tankless interior model R94LSi, you have to provide the appropriate venting. Rinnai R94LSi with its compact size allows limitless installation options so you can use the best spot for maximum performance. Rinnai R94LSi is also using natural gas propane or LP.

With a sealed combustion chamber and other safety devices no need to worry about fumes and insufficient fresh air for combustion. Concentric venting system allows flexible water heater installation where direct vent system through the wall or roof is used for air intake and venting.

Rinnai vent kit has to be original, without any modifications on the pipe, like reducing the pipe diameter, vent directly outside through the wall, without any connections to the existing vent or chimney.

To prevent condensate draining back into the water heater through venting system, an integrated condensate collector is used to protect the unit with the proper installation (angle) of the flue pipe.

Either way you go, interior - direct vent, or exterior installation, Rinnai tankless water heater is designed not to lose any performance, to be safe for your family and to be used even for hot water heating application up to 10 000 ft or over 3000 m above the sea level.

(Photo credit to Rinnai)