Rinnai V65 Water Heaters Review

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Exploring the Rinnai V65 tankless water heaters for indoor and outdoor installation. A review of the main features and technical data for V65 models.

Models review

Rinnai V65 is the tankless water heater with the direct venting system and closed combustion designed for indoor and outdoor installation. The heaters are coming from the "Value" category which is the economy group and the group with the lowest water flow and power range of all Rinnai water heaters. The heaters are recommended for homes with two to three bathrooms.

V65 water heaters are made for water heating on demand while continuously supplying hot water to the residential and mobile homes, by using the natural and propane gas for heating.

With the purchase of any Rinnai V65 model, warranty is 10 years on the heat exchanger or 12 if the isolation valve kit is installed.

Rinnai V65i

Rinnai V65i

Rinnai indoor model V65i as an indoor model must use the vent components that are listed and certified. The vent system must force the exhaust gases outside while supplying the combustion chamber with the fresh air at the same time. The best location for V65i model is the closet, attic and crawl space installations.

Rinnai V65e

Rinnai V65e

Model V65e is an outdoor model that is installed outside so it doesn't need the venting pipes. The outdoor model is mainly installed on the external wall or in the recess box, where it is protected from the extreme weather conditions.

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Features review

  • Direct electronic ignition eliminates the need for the pilot light.

  • The environment friendly burner complies with the 20 ppm NOx emission levels.

  • The temperature controller MC-91-2US is built in the indoor models, while it is provided with the outdoor models. It displays the info on its LCD screen, such as the temperature of hot water and the error codes.
  • The scale control system.

  • Hot water temperature lock, which prevents accidental temperature changes.

  • Water flow sensor, electronic water control device and fixed by-pass.

  • Safety devices such as the flame rod, boiling remaining flame, frost protection (up to -22 F)...

  • Diagnostic systems helps in service.

  • PC electronic board.

Specifications - Technical Data

V65i V65e
Gas Input
10,300 – 150,000 10,300 – 150,000
Water Flow
0.26-6.6 0.26-6.6
Energy Factor
0.82 0.82
Activation rate
0.4 0.4
Temp. settings
98-140 98-140
Electric consumption
76 57
Max. vent length
41 N/A
Altitude height
10200 10200
14x23x9 14x23x9
45.6 43.6

(Photo credit to Rinnai)