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Which one of the hot water heaters do you recommend for camping? I am planning to camp with my family, two kids, me and my wife. Hot water will be used …

Problem with my Eccotemp L5 portable water heater  
I have purchased Eccotemp portable water heater, L5 model a while ago. Since than it was working well, untill few days ago. We went for camping, me and …

No water (at all) coming out of my Atwood. 
Hi. I have an Atwood 6 gallon propane only hot water heater. For a while now it seemed like I wasn't actually getting 6 gallons of hot water, but all …

Atwood RV water heater is producing rotten egg smell 
Why my Atwood RV water heaters is producing hot water with a stinky, very unpleasant odor that reminds on rotten egg? I am using 10 gallon tank size, …

replacing an electric element by a less powerful Not rated yet
Hi, I'm installing an electric water heater in my van conversion. It's a Atwood EHM6 which functions with a 110 V 1400 W element. I would like use my …

How to fix Rv water heater Not rated yet
I bought a 2011 Sprinter Select travel trailer with a suburban hot water heater. From the minute we put it on site May 24th, 2011, we have had a problem …

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