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DIY and how to choose the right size of a solar water heater? 
I am planning to build a solar water heater and would like to know your opinion about the approximate size of the storage water tank and solar panels. …

Using solar water heaters in north of Ontario 
Hi, I live in the northern part of Ontario, Canada and I am not sure can I use solar water heater to heat my domestic water. Can a solar water heater replace …

How long will solar water heaters last? 
Compared to electric, how long will solar water heaters last? What happens when solar panels malfunction or die?

Solar water heater savings 
Find out how to save on water heating when using the solar water heater.

Underwhelming Heat Not rated yet
Hi Zeljko! I live in Southern Sweden, so we do have quite long winters and dark days, especially Dec - Jan. I had terrible problems getting the …

Solar Electric Water Heater Not rated yet
After much indecision and uncertainty I decided to get stuck and finally build my very DIY solar water heater. I set out to the hardware store with great …

Active Direct Solar system not circulating correctly Not rated yet
I have a DIY Active open loop solar water system which comprises of following: 1. 20 58mm Evacuated tube collector 2. 145 litre Hot water cylinder …

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