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State 40 gal. Gas purchase April 2013

by Carlos Torres
(New Mexico)

The water heater seems to run all the time. I come home for lunch its on, I come come after work its on. I turn the faucet on cold or hot it turns on. I live by myself and gone from 7:30am to 5:00 pm daily on Tues. Thurs. Fri. Mon.and Wedesday I attend classes and get home around 8:30pm. The weekend it varies however I still don't run or take to many showers and limit the hot water usage. My gas bill has increased every month since November. I called tech support and discussed the issue. I started the hot water setting upon intallation at the Letter C and then lowered to low setting, currently the setting is at hot. I talked to the Sammon's Store where I purchased it and they blame it on gas price hike. What do you sugest.

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