State Premier Water Heaters Review

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Find out what makes the State Premier water heaters the best gas-powered residential water heating appliances manufactured by State Ind. The review will cover Premier models from the power vent, power direct vent, atmospheric, high efficiency and hybrid-type group.

The Best Of

Two groups; Power Vent and Power Vent DV water heaters, are the most attractive since they are designed as high efficient units that provide up to 96 % thermal efficiency, and are recommended for high demand homes. The main reason for such a high thermal efficiency are several advanced features such as the Self-Cleaning Turbo Coil dip tube system, thick and energy saving foam insulation, Blue Diamond protection and other quality features and elements.


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The main characteristics of State gas water heaters from Premier family and with Power and Power DV Vents are:

  • Blue Diamond lining is premium grade glass coating that is used on the tank surface for better protection against corrosion.

  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Turbo Coil Dip Tube system, designed to reduce mineral deposits on the tank's bottom and keep the high water heating performance.

  • Stainless steel core anode rode for tank protection against corrosion.

  • Green Choice low NOx burner that reduces the emission of greenhouse gases by one third, when compare to standard gas burners.

  • FVIR compliance
  • Premium electronic control with LCD screen, for advanced diagnostics and quick troubleshooting and precise temperature control.

  • Fully submerged helical coil condensing heat exchanger for maximum performance and high efficiency (found on two models).

  • Temperature and pressure relief valve.

  • Easy installation and in less space than 75-gallon with similar characteristics.

  • Lower operating costs.

Many of these features are also seen on Premier Self-cleaning or atmospheric models... see below.

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Model selection

Power Vent DV

State Premier Power Vent DV gas water heater GP6 50 YTPDT, with a capacity of 50 gallons is a perfect choice for high demand residential applications. The Power Vent DV model comes with the terrific 96% thermal efficiency, has the high first-hour rating and recovery and it provides a nonstop flow of hot water.

Main characteristics of the Power Vent DV State water heater are:

  • High 100,000 BTU

  • First Hour rating is 164 gallons and 129 GPH recovery with 90 F rise

  • Availability to run the vent up to 128 ft. and install 2, 3 and 4" in diameter PVC pipe, either horizontally or vertically

  • Recirculating taps to combine space or radiant floor heating and hot water systems

  • Top fired low NOx burner with modular blower

  • Dual heavy duty magnesium anode rods

  • 6-year tank and parts warranty

  • Advanced electronics with the large LCD display
  • ICOMM compatibility allows remote control monitoring

Power Vent Models

State Power Vent DV

Power Vent water heater model GP6 50 YTVIT is designed with the 90% thermal efficiency, which allows this 50 gallon water heater to outperform the heater with the 75 gallon tank size.

The main characteristics are:

  • 90% thermal efficiency.

  • 76,000 BTU per hour.

  • First hour delivery of 127 gallons and 92 GPH recovery.

  • Recirculating taps to combine space heating and hot water systems.

  • Up to 128 feet for venting length with 2, 3, 4" in diameter PVC pipe.

  • Intelli-Vent power gas control valve with hot surface igniter.

  • Side connection for space and potable water heating.

Premier Hybrid

State Premier hybrid water heater GPH 90N has the innovative design; it combines the best from the tankless and the conventional storage tank technology. With the patented circulation system, thick foam insulation and power vent option, hybrid heater is capable to deliver over 90% thermal efficiency and extremely high first hour delivery with continuous flow of hot water.

Premier High Efficiency Models

There is a group of high efficiency gas models with the atmospheric venting that uses the patented pressurized combustion chamber designed to deliver high efficient water heating. Both GP6 40 YPCT as 40-gal model and GP6 50 YPCT as the 50-gal unit are equipped with great features such as the non-sacrificial powered anode rod, diagnostic system and hot surface ignitor.

Self-Cleaning Models

Atmospherically vented State Premier water heaters are Self-Cleaning models due to the innovative dip tube design, and are constructed in two sizes; GPX 40 YXRT as the 40 gallon and GPX 40 YXRT with the 50 gallon capacity. The Self-Cleaning Turbo Coil dip tube is designed with jet ports to create turbulence and therefore, reduce the sediment build-up and prolong tank's life.

There is also a group of HE with the side loop that allows recirculation and space heating. These units are available in two sizes: 30 and 40 gallons and are equipped with the intelligent control logic, diagnostic system and are backed by 10-year warranty.

(Pictures courtesy of State)